Wednesday, March 19, 2008

How We Got Here

Teagan Dash Pettit was born on March 10, 2008. He weighed a healthy 9 lbs 4 oz and was a whopping 22.5 inches long. We took him home the following day. Brytten and I were so happy to have him home and healthy.
On Friday March 14, 2008 Brytten and Wendee (Teagan's Grandma) took him in for a jaundice check-up. Dr. Harris (Teagans Pediatrician) said "I don't like the color of that baby." He listened to his heart with his stethescope and heard a "gallop." Dr. Harris immediatly called for an ambulance and put him on oxygen.
After a time in the emergency room and consulting with a cardiologist, we learned that Teagan was born with a condition called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. The lower left ventricle of his heart had not developed, his Aorta was underdeveloped and the valve from the Left Atrium to the Left Ventricle was not present.
We were presented with three options #1 undergo the norwood procedure, #2 Have a heart transplant, #3 Take our child home and love him until he was gone.
#1 Norwood Procedure- Basically uses what Teagan has to make his heart work on 2 chambers, this is not a fix but a patch, and would require a series of 3 openheart surgeries.
#2 Heart Transplant- This option would be challenging, because of the lack of available donors. This also presents a whole new group of challenges including rejection of the new organ and a lifetime of immune depressing medications that would make him vulnerable to illness.
#3 be at peace and let him go. Although we were appauled by this option, we do not judge anyone who has chosen this.
This was the hardest day of my life.We decided that our best option would be proceding with the Norwood Procedure.
On Sunday March 15, 2008 we decided to have a special day of fasting and prayer and to give Teagan his name and blessing in the ICU. We arrived at primary childrens to see our son struggling to breath, the doctors had to put him on a ventilator because his little body was just working too hard, and we wanted him to rest because he would be in surgery tomorrow morning.
We attended a short sacrament meeting at Primary Childrens Hospital. The songs were never sweeter to my ears, as I pondered our saviors love for us and his atoning sacrifice a comforting thought came to my heart. Our savior suffered all to take upon himself not only our sins but our infirmities, pains, and sarrow. As I grasped this thought during the sacrament I cried. But not for my son, for my savior. As I continued to ponder this thought I finally just let go. I prayed in my heart for Gods will to be done. I didn't recieve any other thought at that time.
After sacrament meeting Bishop Terry led our family into a conference room, he spoke about our Father in Heaven, the Atonement of Christ, and the comforting spirit of the Holy Ghost. We then had a family prayer given by Bart Maples (Teagan's Grandpa)and then proceded in a small group including both of Teagans Grandparents (Glen & Stacey Pettit, Bart & WenDee Maples) Brytten and I, and Bishop Terry. Bishop Terry instructed me to just give Teagan his name and then to end that prayer. Then to annoint him and call upon the full healing power of the Priesthood. Then Grandpa Glen annointed his head and I proceeded to give Teagan a blessing. I started the blessing by stating Teagans name and Priesthood authority of Jesus Christ. But then I paused and in my heart the Holy Ghost confirmed that my son would be healed in time. I pronounced that blessing on him, along with other blessing that he would have a quality of life, and that he would enjoy being a brother, a son, a husband, and father. As we concluded Bishop Terry gave us continuing support and asked that we allow the Holy Ghost to comfort our hearts.
We came out of the ICU into the arms of our extended family. A feeling of peace accompanied us the rest of the day. We rotated family back to sit with Teagan two at a time the rest of the day.
Later that day we met with Dr. Peter Coratis (heart surgeon-probably spelled it wrong-sorry!)
He reviewed the surgery with us and set the time of at 7:30 am Monday. We were so happy that we could do it so soon. Our doctor then talked about the challenges that lie ahead with following surgeries and recovery time, but that his quality of life could potentially be very high. We went home that night at peace feeling comfortable with the procedure. Brytten and I slept like babies.

Monday March 17- We arrived at Primary Childrens ICU at 6:30 am to arrive prior to the nurse rotation. We showered our now week old son with kisses, sang him songs, and prayed with him. The medical staff walked us down to the surgical waiting room and Teagan was taken into surgery. We waited and waited. In the waiting room we were accompanied by our family. About once every two hours we would get a phone call or a nurse that would come in and update us on the surgery. By 2:00 pm the norwood surgery was completed and Dr. K came and reported to us. When his report was complete he asked " do you have any questions?" I said "yes" can I shake your hand? can I hug you?
We were able to see Teagan back at the ICU about 3:30. He had more tubes and IV's coming out of his little body than I could count, but a child never looked so beautiful to me. His little chest was covered with a bandage with shoelace like fasteners up the front. His ribs would remain open for several days after surgery. But he was breathing! He was unconcious for the rest of the day. Brytten and I are so thankful for this miraculous surgery. The road to recovery will be hard but we are filling up to the task.
Tuesday March 18, We arrived at the ICU this morning to an awake son! This was both scary and joyfull. The scary part was he was thrashing in his bed and with all those tubes and lines thats scary, but the joyful part was his eyes were open and Brytt and I were able to calm him and hold his hand. He even sucked his passifier! (AKA MIMI)
Wednesday March19, We are blessed today to find that we are making progress his stats continue to get better and better. Matt and Chelsea Snider (Aunt & Uncle) and Grandma Dee (WenDee) have been sitting with us today. His chest is still open, we are hoping within the next 24-48 hrs our doctor will be able to close his chest. ( His organs are swollen due to the surgery, so we are watching drainage and swelling very close.) We are still counting our blessings.


Marye said...

No doubt he is our little superhero! Ryan & Brytt you have been amazing through all of this! You are star parents and Teagan is your trophy! I love that you have started this blog! This way I can check how he is doing everyday without bothering you. All my love! Marye

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I'm so glad you guys started this blog. It is wonderful that Teagan is doing so well. Thank you for letting us share this very personal time with you. We love you guys.

AshbyFamily said...

I am friends with the Hardey's. I put your son's name on the Sacramento Temple prayer roll. We hope for the best for you and your son!

ashcraft8 said...

I am Scotts sister in CA. My best friends son was born with Hypoplastic right heart syndrom and is now 6 years old. We also have friends in our ward whos son was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and is now 7 years old. They both had the Norwood proceedure done and both boys are doing extremely well. The one with the hypoplastic left had all of his surgeries at your same hospital. We wish you the best and your family is in our prayers.

Chase said...

Ryan, Brit

We love you guys. I read the blog last night up in SLC for the first time. If we had more time we'd have come and seen you (it was a quick 18 hour trip.) Just makes me want to cry. Hope you guys are doing well and remain faithful and of good cheer.

Your tiny son is a fighter.

You are in our daily prayers and thoughts. Hope to see you sooner than later.

My the Lord bless you.

Chase & Kris

Glen said...

Grandpa Glen and Grandma Stacey say, "Our full faith and prayers are with you at this time. We know how hard it is to watch Teagan endure these procedures. We know that it will all be for his good. We are proud of Ryan and Brytten, and for Teagan's fighting spirit and his incredible will to win. We love you all!"