Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 2 & 3, 2008 Sunshine & Rainbows

After I blogged last I had a very special moment, I held Teagan for the first time since before his surgery. I was talking to his nurse about when they would take out the tube because I really want to hold him. She said, "I'll let you hold him." Aunt Kimmy Immediately started to cry and the nurse said, " if you cry I won't let you because I'll cry too." It was a very tender moment as I held my baby, he immediately knew I was holding him and we had this out of the world moment. Our PICU friends passing by all stopped to watch our sacred moment. It was only 45 mins, but I loved and cherished every second. It was the best April Fools I've ever had!
Yesterday was a good day, Ryan and his parents got up here about 10. They spent the day with him. He only put out 20cc of fluid from his chest tube, so we placed bets on when they would take it out. I said Monday, Ryan said Friday. I got to go get my haircut, finally, and then me and my mom came up about 3. He looked great and we had one of our favorite nurses, Princess Ashley. She is darling and loves our little Incredible. She let me and Ryan hold him till shift change. The best news of the day was he had his echo, and by the grace of God they could not see a clot, come to find out it never existed. What they thought was a clot has really been there all along, and it is just tissue hanging from his Mitro-Vale, which is nothing to worry about.

Today we arrived to a very alert baby in our nurse's arms. Bonnie, Dr. K's nurse, removed his pacer wirer's and his CHEST TUBE! He looks great, lots of chest scars, but chicks dig scars! They started feeding him again, it's Portagen (fat-free formula), we must go back the way we came, so eventually we will get back to the dairy queen (breast milk). I held him all morning until his diaper was so full I started to get wet. Bonnie also mentioned if things keep up they most likely will be moving us to the floor on Monday, SCARY. But it is a step in the right direction.


Chase said...

Following the story day to day helps me to better understand and realize the need to live the most of every day, just as President Monson teaches in this month's First Presidency Message. You never know what tomorrow holds. You don't even know if there will be "A" tomorrow. How often to we treasure 45 minutes of holding our own healthy children? I thank the Lord for just one more day, just one more day - for my own life.

Hopefully our prayers are in-line with the will of the Lord and he blesses "The Tiny Fighter" with MANY days and a "Normal" life.

We pray.

Eric and Allana said...

YAHOO!! I am SO HAPPY to hear all of that. I am going to try to come and see you guys tomorrow. Give that "Incredible" little boy a kiss for me. See you soon. :)

Whitney said...

Hi Brytt, this is Chels' friend Whitney. That is so exciting that you were able to hold your baby. We have you guys in our thoughts and prayers and I am happy to see your little guy is getting stronger each day.

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

I am crying again just reading about it! It was an "Incredible" moment. I am so happy he was able to get his jet packs off! Although, they may have come in handy keeping up with Mason! I am so happy for you all- so happy that you are headed for a summer at home with the whole family!
Tami Ryan and Thatcher

Jenn and Seth Phillips said...

congrats on his efforts to get stronger, I am very excited for you that you are finally able to hold your baby, he is sooooo cute, and what a fighter each day looks brighter and brighter

Nick, Sonja, Andrew, and Madelyn said...

I'm so happy you were able to hold your incredible baby! I can't even imagine what you are going through but our prayers and thoughts are with your family everyday! We wanted to know if there is a fund set up to help with costs.

Andrea said...

I am so relieved that his drainage came down to take the chest tube out. And yeah, for getting extubated! He is progressing so quickly. Good luck with the floor. It's not as scary as you think, at least you get to room with him. Keep the good thing coming Teagan!

Natalie Jensen said...

I am so happy he is making big strides. I am happy you got to hold him.
I can't begin to imagine how wonderful that felt.
I want to buy a Dash bracelet, so maybe tell Allana how I can.
love you guys!