Monday, April 7, 2008

Finally Full

Today Teagan had a suck and swallow test. They need to make sure he can do those things and then they will feed him into his stomach. He passed with flying colors, but he needs to remember how to do both at the same time to get a bottle. But for now they are filling his belly with a feeding tube through his nose and for the first time in three weeks he will have the sensation of being full! We had a pretty uneventful weekend that is great news for us. The doctors are still thinking sometime this week moving us to the floor. Teagan is trying low flow oxygen today and seems to like it, maybe back to room air later today.
We are so thankful to our Father in Heaven for answering our prayers, we couldn't ask for more at this time. Teagan is truly incredible and the lessons he teaches us and others are remarkable. These sweet-HEARTs come in such small packages, but their spirit's fill the whole room. I can only hope Teagan's heart can keep up with his gigantic spirit. Once again I thank you for all of your prayers, support, and gifts.


Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Hoorah! So happy he is doing well. I will come by on Wednesday. I might have Sawyer with me and maybe if Mason is there, they can meet. If there is anything you need, please let me know.
Way to go Team Pettit!!

Much Love,

Tami and Thatcher

candice peterson said...

hey brytt and ryan this is candice (cahoon). I just wanted to let you know that i am so glad that you are putting together this blog to keep us informed. I am very happy for you and for little Tegan. Things sound like they are going almost as good as they can. I'm thinking about you and your family is in our prayers. Keep up the faith.

Jill said...

Hey guys Jill and I were crying like babies reading your blog, we have had you in our thoughts and prayers ever since Glen told me about your little guy. We hope and pray that he will continue to progress like he has been.
-The Bowcutts

Ashley said...

I am so happy that Teagan is doing so well! Everyone in your family has such amazing faith and I have learned so much from your experiences. Thank you for keeping us all up to date with Teagan's progress. I love seeing pictures of your two little guys, they are both so adorable! I love you all and will keep you in my prayers.

-Ashley Woodbury

Nick, Sonja, Andrew, and Madelyn said...

It's great to hear that Teagan is doing so well! We're praying to have continual good outcomes for him!
The Nielsons

Matt & Chelsee said...

Good for Teagan! I hope he likes eating I know I sure do!

Seth, Caralee and Sydney Jo said...

Yeah for Teagan!! Hi you don't know me but I am a heart mom too, my baby had open heart surgery last year at about this time. I am new to the Intermountain Healing Hearts group and I have been looking at the blogs of all the new heart babies. Teagan is adorable, I am so happy that he is doing better. I remember those long days well, hang in there the end is in sight, you and your family will be in my prayers! -Caralee Baker

Otu's said...

Hey Pettits! Great to hear that all is going well with Teagan. Just wanted to express our appreciation for you guys and your willingness to keep us and this blog up to date! Take care.
Keeping you in our prayers always.

Much Ofa Atu's
The Otufangavalu's