Sunday, April 13, 2008

Mason loves hanging out in Teagans room, can you guess why?


Matt & Chelsee said...

He looks so big. I was thinking last night that maybe Spidy would like to spend some time in the NC with his favorite aunt.

The Eysser Family said...

Wow, Mason is getting so big! And Teagan looks great! Good luck going home! We'll keep you in our prayers! Yeah!

Andrea said...

In response to your questions...
Andrew's last echo last year, I think in April, showed the clot still, but it hadn't gotten any bigger and hadn't changed in size. So Cowley was thinking that it might just be some scar tissue now. His clot was because of his PICC line too. One thing to make sure with the nurses is that the injection is supposed to be given "sub q", which means just below the skin, not intramuscular which is all the way into the muscle. Make sure that the nurses remember, they never did on Andrew. Also, one thing that we didn't find out until awhile after giving the shot was to make sure that after you swipe the alcohol wipe on the spot, let the alcohol dry before putting the shot in. That way it stings less. I hope this helps. It is a scary thing, but I'm sure that he will be fine. Lucky they found it when they did. We're always checking in on your cute family so if there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to ask. :)

Andrea Mathis

Jenbug said...

Hey Brytt & family,
I have been getting updates on your family from my mom for the last month and you have been in my thoughts and prayers often. Today, my mom finally was like, "why don't you just go visit the blog?" Which, I blog regularly so I was excited to find a way to share my love and concern for you. I would love to visit or help out in any way I can! Both your boys are so handsome and I am so happy you get to take your sweet "heart" home! You have always been strong and you are a great example... Teagan must take after you!

Geoff and MinDee said...

Hey Brytt, Ryan, Mas and Teagan,
Mom and I were wondering about the wrist bands. We would like to buy some from you so we can support Teag. If you have some.... if not that is fine. We love you and pray often for you! Lots of love from the family at the Beach!
Geoff, MinDee, Michon, Val, Jessica, Emilee and Blake!
WE love you!