Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slow Go

Not much happening on the third floor. We think we may have his feeds figured out, we haven't had any throw up since yesterday morning. I think the new meds and higher calorie formula are working. The clot has not gotten any bigger and it has not moved, they feel pretty good that the shots will work and the clot will reabsorb. Ryan gave his first shot tonight, he did a good job. I keep seeing weird things on the monitor about his heart rate, they tell me the monitors are probably just not picking up right. I hope that's true and that his heart is fine, but I'm learning that there will always be one or two things to worry about with this little guy. I just hope my heart can get use to it. Teagan truly looks good, everyone who visits can't believe he is sick, until they see his chest. Even a nurse double cheeked to make sure he had HLHS because she said he was too pink to have HLHS. I think he is just beautiful, chest scars and all. So if his feeds really are worked out then they will send us home in the next couple of days, time will tell.

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The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Glad that his feedings are going better and that he can keep the food in. I'm also very happy to hear that his clot is not growing or moving. Hopefully it will reabsorb and it won't be an issue soon.