Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Still Here

Well as you can tell we are not home yet, and will not be going home for a few more days. Bonnie is worried about the feeding situation and feels it would be too hard on us as parents to go home like this, we agree. Teagan is taking a long time to eat a feed and an even harder time keeping them down. He is suppose to eat 60cc every three hours, well he is eating 60cc and it takes him two hours to eat it and within that last hour he throws it all up. We believe it is acid reflex, which lots of babies get, but for him none of the medicines have helped yet and not only is he trowing up the protagen, but also bile. All this causes constipation and pain. I just can't believe all the things these little sweetHEARTs have to go through, not only heart stuff, but these crappy newborn things too. So today they have made some adjustments and we hope they help. Today I gave my first shot at 7 this morning I was still kind of sleepy, but I just prayed for strength and steady hands. I did it, it was not fun, but if it will help my son I will do it. We have an ECHO sometime today and we hope to see that the clot hasn't moved or gotten bigger, maybe even smaller God willing.


April said...

Brytten: Just wanted you to know that I think about you all the time. My mom gives me little updates that she gets from your mom & cousins. Stong girls have tough trials. Heavenly Father knows what you can handle and He knew you were up for this. I can't beleive the things you are going through and I am so impressed with the way you are handeling it.
Love, April Powell

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Hmmmmm, a few more days? What is that in the grand scheme of things? You can do a few more days standing on your head!!
We are praying you.
And blogstalking you (got that from Brynn).
Much Love,
Ryan Tami, Thatcher and boys