Saturday, May 3, 2008


That title is because we went to the GI doctor on Thursday and the nurse's name was Joe;) We didn't get a lot of new info. at this appt. I was hoping they would help us with his eating etc., but all they did was adjust the meds he was already on. Which so far haven't helped because he is still puking about once a day, like this morning (Saturday) he puked so hard his feeding tube popped out. Anyway back to the appt., they were happy he was gaining weight (10lbs. 10oz.) so they said whatever we were doing keep it up. Dr.Jackson asked when I was getting my Doctorate because I knew it all. So we are still the same, home is getting more normal, still couldn't do it alone. Aunt Kimmie left Saturday, she said she knew we were doing a lot, but she could not imagine until she got here and was helping just how much it really takes to take care of him, his schedule is very demanding. So when we go to these seemingly pointless appts it is very hard on both Teagan and me to pack around all that he needs. OH, I have been trying bottles here and there and he does pretty good for about 5-10mins. We did take Mason to Iron Man Friday night it was way good. We had to be home by 8 to give Teags his shot, but G-ma Dee and my aunts did a good job watching him so we could go out. We went with Thatcher's family, it was really fun to get to know them better. We got Mason and Sawyer Iron Man Masks they looked to cute. It was a fun night, but of course I could not stop thinking about Teags and how I wish he was with us, someday right. Until then we will just keep praying for a strong heart and a settled stomach.


Tami Acord-Nelson said...

We had such a great time with you guys. Sawyer cant stop talking about and has taken his mask and gun EVERYWHERE with us. Thanks Brytten and Ryan for such a great night! Next time it is our turn to have you out and over! Thanks so much! We loved spending time with you, we feel like we already know you! Thanks again for having us!
Much Love
Ryan, Tami and the boys

Matt & Chelsee said...

I am so happy you guys got out of the house for something other than a drs appt.

Pam said...

I know just how you feel. It is so overwhelming, yet you wouldn't trade it for anything.

Being home is hard, but when you are thrown into it with no choice, you just do what you have to do. Right?

And I think you are doing an AMAZING job.

Rhett has had the same feeding problems for almost a year now, and I am looking forward to this Nissen and G-tube.

This morning we woke up to Rhett's feeding tube under his pillow. Not sure if he was trying to get money from the NG tube fairie or what, but since he is on continuious feeds at night, it was kind of scary because I wonder how long it was dislodged, and if he aspirated anything.

The worries never go away. So now I gotta go figure out how I am going to go put a feeding tube in all by myself on a two year old that is stronger than I am!!

I don't have any help until 7 tonight when Daddy gets home from work. Ack!!

Anyways, I am glad you guys got out, that is something so important, and Tami is such a sweetheart.

I think of you guys often.


Pam and Rhett