Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It's My Night

Yes, it's my night to be with Teagan, it's really not that bad, I actually get a lot done that I can't during the day like bills, updating the blog, ect. Teagan does know when it is night, he just rests peacefully in his boppy, next to me all night, and during the day he totally expects to be held all day. We are still using the feeding tube and dealing with wrenching and puking, some days are worse than others. He is just amazing to me, he brings such a peace to our home. Things that would normally bug me don't, he makes me calm. And if it weren't for these feeding issues things would be pretty normal, besides all the meds and staying up all night.
I did want to say how nice Mother's Day was. As you read Ryan did the Saturday night shift so I slept till eight, than I let Ry go to bed and I spent the morning with my boys. My mom came about one to help me and she made a wonderful meal for us all, it was truly delicious. Ry's present was really nice and thoughtful although I did not expect monetary gifts this year. It was Mother's Day enough to have all my boys under one roof. I feel very honored to be a mother in Zion this year and especially to have Teagan. I'm very thankful for Mason's health and all of his boy energy, I think he makes Teagan tired just watching him. I'm extremely thankful that Teagan is in our home and touching our HEARTS with his precious life. He definitely keeps us on our toes, but it beats the alternative. I'm thankful for my loving husband. And I am very thankful for my mother, WenDee, she has truly been there for me. I've always thought my mom was perfect now I know. I could not make it one day without her, she has told me she is in this for the long haul and that is better than any gift she could have put a bow on for me. I wish everyone had a mom as wonderful as mine. I know when Teagan volunteered for this up in heaven and I told him I would help him, my mom was there telling me she would help me too. Thanks Mom I love you! I also have to thank my grandma and my aunts, they truly know what it means to serve and support your extended family. Thanks ladies, you have always felt more like sisters than aunts and a mom more than a grandma!


Chelsee said...
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Chelsee said...

Gosh B, that was spot on about Mom. On Mother's day I could not stop thinking about you and how wonderful you are. I love you and want to be like you!

PS the blog is rockin'(not fair). I am sure you don't care but you look terrific. One hot Mommy!

Aunt Kim said...

I'm glad you had a nice mothers day. I agree with Chelsee you look terrific but I have always been in awe of your beauty. Those boys are not to hard to look at either! I was reading a magizine yesterday and it had this saying in it "I always know heavenly father won't give me more than I can handle but there are times I wish he didn't trust me so much." Brytten I think he trusts you a lot. Love you XOXO

Kathy said...

Brytten you are so inspiring! I am going to bring my kids down on Saturday, we live close to the church.

Jill said...

Hi Brytten,
This is your Mom's cousin Jill. The deviled egg lady.
I just found out about your blog today.
Teagan is so blessed to have such a wonderful family!
Your sweet baby has been in our prayers.

p.s. He's a doll!

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I'm still waiting for one of your posts to not make me tear up. It's all just so touching. Thank you for sharing.