Friday, July 4, 2008

It's been a Long Time

Well my finger is starting to be usable again so I am back to my blogging world. Lots has been happening around here. Teagan has had a hard time keeping his stats up and jumps all over with his oxygen, in one day he could need 2.5 liters and then go all the way down to 1/16, it's crazy... but the doctors say it is fine as long as we keep him in his range. Dr. Koretus' Secretary called yesterday and they scheduled his Glenn for July 22, they feel his aorta will be healed by then and they can go a head. Teagan weighs 14lbs. and 3oz. Dr. Harris says we are so blessed that way, he claims these kids should be failure to thrive and our Teagan is thriving to fail by outgrowing his sano so soon. Teagan gets really bad tummy aches... I can't decide if the extra oxygen causes more air in his belly or if the tummy aches causes him to need more oxygen. Sometime he is almost inconsolable and it scares me because he will drop into the 50's when this happens, when Mason would cry I knew he would be OK eventually, but with Teagan I don't know what will happen. We have had some pretty emotional weeks since his cath. I feel like we reached our peak a few weeks back and now we are fall down a fast hill and I pray we can catch him before we hit bottom. I have a lot of faith in our medical staff, I think they were worried that I was pretty upset after they canceled on us on our way up there... but I know it was an answer to prayers that Dr. K caught that before he got in there ans said whoops!
We have lost one of our sweet-hearts, Charlie. We met him while we were on the third floor, me and his mom became friends and even got mistaken for each other. He flew to Boston to meet his dying grandma a few weeks ago and then took his last flight home to be with her until his parents can be with him again. I am thankful for the plan of salvation, that I know no matter what we can be together again and that this earthly existence is a very short time in the eternal prospective . May the Comforter comfort them at this time is my prayer.
Also Eden another sweet-heart returned to our Father in Heaven, her Dad's final words are very comforting to me so if you can check out her blog. We don't know how long our sweet-hearts will be here, but I know they each will fulfill their mission no matter how long that might be. Our job is to love and take care of them as long as we are allowed.


Chelsee said...

I love you guys. Not much of a comment but it is what I feel!

Geoff and MinDee said...

Just wanted to let you know we think and pray for you often! Stay strong! We love you all so much! what wonderful examples you are to us for being so strong! keep up the good work! The Lord will keep blessing you for your efforts!
Lots of love from the beach crew!

Jodi Pettit said...

I know you guys have had a lot of heart ache lately especially with the passing of your special friends on top of Teagan's struggles. We are praying for you guys. Brytt & Ryan I remember the day you were sealed in the Temple & the special feeling there. I will not expound on such a sacred thing in an open forum but I was grateful to be present. Remember to love each other & support each other through this trying time. We love you and you are always in our prayers and thoughts

Simmons Family: said...

I have been praying hard for Teagan. I'm so sorry that you have had to go through so many ups and downs with Tegan and his Oxygen lately. After the GLenn on the 22nd I hope that you feel relief and Teagan can start to thrive even MORE! I can't believe his weight... it's fantastic!! The GLenn is supposed to be a quick recovery so I will pray for that. We had a 30 day stay, but he wasn't "ready" for it yet... Tegan sounds like he is!

Hang in there!!

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Hey guys, I have been praying for you... my toughts are always with you. I will come sit with you on the 22nd. You dont have to entertain me, but I will be there for you. We love you guys!
Much Love!

summer said...

We are thinking about your family and praying for Teagan. Mason's O2 needs were a roller coaster also before surgery. Hang in there, the emotions are real I know, just keep the faith! I'm always scared when Mason cries hard too. We are worried mothers with every reason to be !!! Take care, Love Summer

Anonymous said...

Hey cute family! I am so happy to hear from you. I kept reminding myself, and I quote, "no news is usually good news." I'm glad to hear that your finger is back in action (well almost). I will continue to pray for your family each day. Oh, and Mason still owes me a game of Mario Kart Wii. Love you!

Ashley Woodbury

Aunt Kim said...

I'm starting the count down can't wait to hug you all! Sending lots of love and strength! XOXO

Anonymous said...

"With Celestial sight, trials imposible to change become possible to endure" - Russel M Neilsen.
Read this and thought of all of you.
Chris R

Marcae said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. How are you doing? What a strong, incredible person you are. As I have read through your blog, I can tell that Teagan is a special little boy. It is not an easy thing having a child with a heart condition and waiting for surgeries, but hang in there. You are truly blessed that Teagan chose you both to be his parents. We will pray for him and your cute family.
P.S. What is your maiden name? I'll have to tell SuSan "hi" from you!

Jenbug said...

Hey it was so good to see you a couple of weeks ago! I am happy to hear they have Teag's next surgery scheduled. We will be praying for him. Anyway, I feel bad that I didn't call last week. Eric said he was feeling sick Monday so I was waiting for a few days and then I started to feel sick after that so I figured not a good time to come around! Anyway, I will keep you and your family in my prayers!

Halley & Nate said...

Ryan and Brytten-

I have been visiting this blog very frequently because my dear mother-in-law (Elaine Seim) is in the same ward as Brytten's mom, Wendy. My husband and I are here for the summer and I have been hearing all about this incredible sweet baby in church every week. He is just an angel whom I've only seen pictures of, but I can feel his precious spirit just radiate through them. My heart is just aching for this difficult time that has enveloped your family. I want you to know that I will be praying so hard for your sweet family. It just occurred to me today that I actually know Ryan. We were at Snow college for a year together and were good friends during that time. Realizing this, I had to write to the two of you. We will be thinking of you and praying in Teagan's behalf. He is such a beautiful baby.

With all our hearts,
Nate and Halley Seim

Jessica said...

Well it has been a long time since I checked your blog too. My heart is full of prayers for you all, I can't even imagine what you are going through and the strength that it takes, I wish I could take some of your heartache and worry away from you but if there is anything we can do to lighten your burden, please let me know.

You are in our thoughts and prayers.

The Kaneen Family