Thursday, August 21, 2008

Our Trip to the Zoo w/ Our Little Monkey

K this is out of order, but my computer is crazy! Mason has been doing well through all of this. My Mom took Mason to Arizona to see Kimmy and swim. He had a great time and loved being on an airplane. When he got back we took him to the zoo. On Saturday night I took Mason to Cole's party at Mason's favorite resturant, Tepinyaki, and he said Mom thanks for taking me on a date! He is so sweet and strong for loving his brother through all of this. I know Teagan choose this, but I also know that all of us even Mason agreed to support him. The siblings of these heart kids sacrifice a lot, especilly their mommas and I love him for that and hope he will understand. I know he has some anger and is acting out, but he doesn't understand where it is coming from. I thank all of you who are helping with him and for being patient with our family as we endure this. Here are some pictures of what he has been up to.

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