Saturday, March 7, 2009

We are Home!

We are home, and the four of us are all under one roof. Teagan is neededing less and less oxygen, hardly any during the day and about .5 liter at night. He will be fine. I did want to clarify that Teagan did NOT get RSV, thanks to his shots. It was just a bad chest cold that hit a boy with only half a heart hard. Thanks for all the prayers, I just pray now that me and Mason won't get it.
I don't have a lot more to say right now, due to high emotions from todays event. I just wanted everyone to know we are home and doing better. Thanks for checking in, I will blog later about Gracie's beautiful tribute.


The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Glad the family is together again.

Jodi Pettit said...

Yaaah! We are glad to hear you are all back together and Teagan is doing better.

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Gosh! What a whirlwind!We are still planning on seeing you on Tuesday! Only long enough to get pictures with Thatch and Teag's! Then we will leave you to have your happy birthday with the family! We love you guys and pray for you all every night! See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Pettit Family,

Glad you are all home together! I wish I could stop by but I have a cold! I keep you all in my prayers at all times. Stay healthy! Sorry to here about your sweet "heart" friend, my thoughts and prayers are with her family too. Love you guys!
Pam Jensen

Allison said...

Yes, you found Joshua's very own blog! Thanks for leaving a comment, I always love following other HLHS kids....they are all amazing!
Sorry to hear Teagan is so sick:( never any fun.

The Brown Family said...


I kept feeling that I needed to attend Gracie's funeral, but I wasn't sure. I'm glad that I followed the sprirt because I gained so much from being there.

I'm so glad that I found you and some other heart mommas.

Kim Brown

DiVina said...

I just want you to know that I follow your blog and I pray for you and your family a lot! I hope you are all doing well. Love, DiVina

Marye said...

I am so glad to hear everyone is doing good! Happy Birthday teagan!!! It's been one great year full of miracles & love!

Love you all!
Boe & Marye

Carlla said...

Hi...another heart mom here! Your boys are adorable! I am sorry to read Teagan has been sick. My son Aiden, has Shones/HLHS, he is 13 mos old.He has had that nasty cough/cold now for a week. Glad to hear Teagon is getting better! It can be pretty scary when our little guys get sick.

Natalie J said...

Happy Birthday, Teagan!!! We are glad you are so strong and doing better!

annhomaker said...

Hey Teagan,
Happy 1st Birthday! You are INCREDIBLE!!! I have thought alot about you today.
I am glad that Teagan is feeling better and will pray that the sickness stays away.
I love you guys,
Grandma Ann (Alexander Douglas Stewart-HLHS-Transplant)

Christina said...

I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Teagan. Wow, ONE how incredible!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's Momma

Hollie said...

I've been thinking about you all week, and kept waiting for a birthday post! So, happy belated birthday Teagan! Hope you had a great one! Elaina sends her kisses to you on your very special day! Brytt, it was good to see you last week even though the circumstances could have been better. Give your little man a hug from me too!
Love you guys!!!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina