Friday, May 9, 2014

Waiting on a Heart

Hey everyone this is Brytten's sister Cortney and I wanted to announce that we have now started a Facebook page for Teagan! Please go there for updates as Brytten is not always able to update her blog!  Teagan has had quite the adventure as he has now had three open heart surgeries.  His third open heart surgery (the Fontan) took place last year in July and he has recently been diagnosed with Plastic Bronchitis (complication from the Fontan).  The best option for Teagan now is to get a heart transplant so we will pray and cross our fingers that he will be able to get one soon!  Thank you for your love, support, and prayers!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011... Where did the Time Go?

Wow, it has been a whole year since I posted!  I've had good intentions, just never got around to it.  I want to apologize to all of you who were kind enough to keep coming back, checking for a post.  But today is a new day, a new year and time for a new post!
Since this is Teagan's heart blog I  but I do have a big announcement for the heart world and all of our supporters, for those of you who haven't heard...I am the new President of Intermountain Healing Hearts.  IHH is a support group for people and families with CHD's.  It is a wonderful organization and I'm excited to be apart of it!  I hope to add to what has already been created, I have a terrific board beside me and I am looking forward to the future of IHH.  I want to reach out to all those who are looking for hope, hope is sometimes hard to fine when the truth sets in.  But hope can be found in these little faces!
Teagan is doing well (besides this cold he is fighting right now).  He still has his feeding tube, but he eats quite a bit by mouth.  He loves chicken nuggets, fries, popcorn, chips, apples, goldfish, salad, carrots, noodles, mostly salty things.  It's the liquids that  we struggle with, it's either Diet Coke or Water, I wish he would drink something dairy.  He is aware of hunger though, he tells me, "Mom it's time to feed my tubee!"  He realizes that people around him don't have "tubee's" and I think that makes him want to eat more by mouth.
He is so much fun!  He is way smarter than I ever expected, he counts to 13, he knows some letters and sounds that they make. (It helps that big brother is in kindergarten and is learning all these things too.)  I just expected him to be behind in these things with the lack of oxygen and his early delays.  But the only thing he is behind in is running and keeping up with other kids, the stair make him pretty blue and we have a lot of stairs.  He recovers quickly though.  He is quite the singer, Woody's Round-Up is his most requested song, he also does All the Single Ladies, Tonight's the Night, and Be Our Guest.  He is very talkative and I have become a great translator!  He is a wonderful asset to our family.  It is so fun to see my two boys playing, rough-housing, and getting into trouble together! Teagan knows what he wants and he has most of us twisted around his little blue fingers!  We have a echo scheduled in March (fingers crossed, we can do it un-sedated).  The echo will tell us how Teagan is doing on the inside and when his next surgery might be or if we can put it off another year. We had a wonderful 2010 and we feel very blessed that we stayed out of the hospital all year and stayed away from any major sicknesses.   Here is a few lot of what you missed from our past year:

Mason's B-Day party
Valentine's Day
Teagan's b-day party

St. Patrick's Day (2 years since Norwood)

 Helping Mom in her salon
 Blaze game
 Doing Kimmie's hair
 Heart Mom Lunch
 Watching his favorite show
 Falling asleep in Mom's car while watching his shows
 First major haircut
 Seeing Iorn Man 2
 Mother's Day Brunch at the Little America
 Trip to Kimmie's in Arizona, Great Grandpa Mason drove Mom and the boys all the way and the others met us there by flight.
 Got to meet Owen, a fellow HLHS brother

 Thanks Uncle Mike for the new puppy
Taking a ride
 Playing on the playground

 Boating on our new boat
 "But I don't want to wear this stupid life jacket"
 Don't you think we could be brothers
 Finally getting to see "My Guys" on opening day!

 Swimming at Grandma Becky's pool
 Rodeo Time

 Celebrating Big Mace and Big G's 50th Wedding anniversary camping at Willard Bay and Lagoon, so we could stay close to home for T.

 Practicing my surfing skills
 What a precious face
 "Hands on a Miracle" Real Game 24th of July
 Cortney and Trevor's Wedding Day

Porter's Baby Blessing
 Mommy's Birthday
 Working on the ipad
 At the end of July we got the devastating news that Big G had Pancreatic Cancer and didn't have much time left.  We made good use of her remaining days, she made a bucket list and we crossed everything off before we lost her in November.  

Bear Lake '10 

 Play Time
 Went to see the army men at Airport 2
 Mason start Kindergarten, walking him to the bus stop
 IHH Heart Walk '10


Playing train's with Brother
Cardiology Appt., My Guys needed an EKG too!

 Surging with my best buddy B
 Bucket List- Take Teagan to the State Fair
 Grandma Dee's b-day
 Last boating trip of the year
 I am Iorn Man

 Pettit Picture in the Pettit Pumpkin Patch '10

 Bucket List- Meet all the girls and Mason & Teagan in St. George for the Huntsmen Senior Games to see Big Mace play Baseball

 Sip'n Slurpee's
 IHH Halloween/Birthday Party

 Ward Halloween Party
 Monkeys on my neck
 Line them up, nice and straight
 Mega Mind 3-D
 Licking Spamoni
 Big G's funeral

 Happy Thanksgiving

Me & my dog Roxy

 Festival of Tree's, time to see Santa
 I'm in a bubble!

 Handsome Boy, where are your pants?
 Grandpa Shreck's b-day
 Grandpa Bart & Grandma Dee took us all on a train to the North Pole and to stay there over night (Heber)

 They gave us pillow pets and new pj's
 We went to church there too
 Mckenzie's Rock'n wedding
 Christmas Eve Breakfast
 Christmas Eve Night

 Cousin PJ Picture

 Christmas Morning

 Christmas Night
 Christmas with the Rowley's, it was really specia,l Big G had done all her shopping early so we all opened gifts from her, it made it feel like she was there.

 Kori gave me Chuck the talking dump truck, just what I wanted!
 I gave Brookie Cookie just what she wanted

 Mason got a Paper Jammers, but I think it is mine
 New Year's Eve Breakfast at Vi
("Hi Sherri")
  New Year's Eve at Classic Skating, just as getto as it has even been
 Happy New Year
 Merry Go Round for being good while we did returns at the mall
 New Year's Day Ping Pong Tournement 
T has a mean serve
 Birthday Sunday with the Pettit's