Friday, March 28, 2008

March 27&28, 2008 two steps forward, one step sideways

I got to PCMC at 10:30 on thursday to them doing an echo on Teagan, not knowing what that would mean later that day. Aunt Pammy was his nurse again so we (Grandma Dee, Pam, & Brytten) sat around his bed making small talk, when Grandma Dee noticed someing white dripping on Teagans belly. Pam checked it out and realized his RA line was leaking, her fast actions lead to a rush of work. An IV team that we did not enjoy finally got a line in his big toe and by big I mean huge for such a little guy. Then they took us down stairs to have A PICC put in the back of his knee that would make up for the leaking line. The doctor warned that it might take awhile and they only had a small window to do it in or they would try again tom. They told us to come back in an hour. When I went back in the hour pam said it went great, it took us 20 mins. to get him down there and only 5 mins to do it. We thought our hurdle was over for the day and just when our hearts started to beat again, we looked up to see all the floor docs and a cardiologist headed in our direction. They told us that on Teagans echo from this morning they found two blood clots, one in his right atrium and the other in his inferior vena cava. They were also quite concerned about all the fluid still draining from his middle line. Then they said they would give us time to process all that and they were going to do a ultrasound to get a better look at the clots. The ultrasound revealed that only one blood clot exsisted, the one in the heart. She also said lets stop scratching our heads and have the fluid tested from the drain. It told us that it was high in glucose, meaning fat from my breast milk. So the solution was to take him off my milk and put him on fat free formula. So thats what we are trying and hopfully the drainage will stop in the next couple of days. We left a peaceful baby in the care of Chad as we went home to be with Mason or Spiderman (depending on the moment).
Today me and Ryan arrived at 10 to oue beautiful Baby boy resting peacefully. The night went good and they are trying to wean him off his vent in the next couple of days. He has done ok at trying to breath on his own, they call it exercising. Other wise he is just resting and recovering. They did another echo today and the clot is not any bigger and in one day we can not expect it to be any smaller. He still has drainage, but it is not as clotty.
At this time in our life we live by the moment, as a look in my sons open eyes I see a spirit that is bigger than you and me. I see a full heart, even though they tell me he only has half. A heart so big and full of love that he would voulenteer for a life like this, I can not believe my Heavenly Father loves me enough to send me such a special spirit. Teagan has taught me more in this short while than I could ever learn from a healthy baby. I never thought I would be up here for something like this, but this place is something else. A nurse that has never had an children of her own,but hopes and prays that some day we can take our baby home, she lets me lift him while she changes his bed because she knows that the only time i can hold him. I'm surrounded by people full of hope, selfless hope, hope for the baby next to them as well as their own. I hope for a miracle that some day our baby will be home in our arms with his loving big brother who told me today," I worry about him, mom." And to a loving sister dog, Roxy who is so concerned and doesn't quite understand where her baby went. I hope for a day when he won't be full of IVs and tubes and a vent. I hope for the day when I can dress him and wrap him in all of his new blankets, and hold him forever and ever. Teagan, "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, as long as I'm living my baby you'll be." Thanks for all the love, prayers, calls, gifts, and support. We really appreciate it.


Tami Acord-Nelson said...

What a beautfiful blog, good to see you today. Dont think about the negetive, just that soon you will be yelling at Mason because he is teasing Teagan, (OH- and you will!) and Mason will say that he wasnt and youll do that 20 or 30 times that day and you wont beleive that you made it through that day, let alone today!
God Bless!
Tami, Ryan and Thatcher

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Oh that was so sweet. It made me cry. I'm glad the clot isn't growing. We will continue to keep Teagan in our prayers.

Jodi Pettit said...

Thanks for keeping us updated on Teagan. You are in our thoughts & prayers always. He is such a strong & amazing baby! Being in his presence is both humbing and inspiring. He is already teaching so much and touching so many. Thank you for sharing him with us. We look forward to all the lessons and gifts he will give in the years to come. We love you guys!

The Curtis Family said...

You and Teagan will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

---Allison (Ethan's Mom, HLHS)

Michele said...

What a special spirit Teagan is. His sacrafice of teaching us all what life truly is and what matters in this life is incredible. He is part of such a larger master plan that we may not always understand yet know in our hearts is truly a blessing. God truly is helping and watching over all of you. In the quiet times, the whisper of courage will keep you strong. Prayers are GODS muscles so with everyone praying they will stay strong. He WILL be going home soon and keeping you up at night, not just from the demands that an infant brings but also so you can just watch him sleeping peacefully all the while thanking God for your precious gift.

Natalie Jensen said...

I just sat here and cried, reading this entry. You two have such great faith. Brytt, your comments at the end are so sweet and I am in awe of you and your strength. Your family has been and will continue to be blessed because of the love and faithfulness you have.

Eric and Allana said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again....Brytt you are truly an amazing person!! I love that we are such good friends and especially sisters. Thanks for being such a good example and even more important a GREAT MOM.
I am glad Teagan is doing good. I love coming to see him. Stay strong and keep your spirits high!!
Love you!!

Matt & Chelsee said...

I tried to read your post to Matt who is in the next room, but between the tears in my eyes and the lump in my throat it made for quite a challenge. YOU, B have always been wise beyond your years, and very in tune with your savior. We love you all, and y'all know we are praying for Teag. I will even go to church on Sunday for him.

Andrea said...

I am so glad to have met you today at the meet and greet. Please remember that I am here if you need to talk about the chylo or whatever else.

Andrea Mathis
Andrew's mom

Justin Walters said...

Teagan has brought tremendous strength to so many peoples lives so far in his life. I want both Brytt and Ryan to know the impact of Teagans fight has so changed the way of the stereotypical "hurdle" challen ges of everyday life for people who learn of his fight. He is an incredible spirit and a "hero" in so many ways. We continue to pray and hope!! The Rush "Dash" out to their positions every inning we play!!

Melissa said...

We love Pam! tell her hi for us, Elaine's Family!

Melissa Andrew
Intermountain Helaing Hearts

Marye said...

I'm just crying now... Brytt that was very sweet! I am so glad I was able to see all of you yesterday! It made me happy to see Teagan looking at me & holding my finger! He is beautiful!
I'll be seeing you soon!
All my love!

Anonymous said...

hey family,
Your dad gave us your blog address. You will deffinatly be in our thoughts and prayers. We really loved spending time with your family at uncle earnies memorial. It hurts us when we know that you are hurting. All of our love and support, Alina and Hunter