Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 29&30, 2008 Baby Steps

Saturday started a little gray. The doctors were a bit concerned by his color, Ryan said it was the hideous blanket under him,so they watched him extra close. The chest tube was still draining a lot of fluid, it's called Chylothorax (Matt). The steps to getting rid of it are fat-free formula, then take away food all together, then more meds, and last but not least surgery. The doctors tried one and now two, so we will see. No update on the clot hopefully they will do another echo on Monday. He had an IV in his head, they say it's the best veins in babies. My baby is now a meth baby, Methadone to get him off his pain meds.
Today we arrived to some good news, over night his fluids draining went down by 50% from the day shift. We pray that it will continually go down and his body will fix it all on it's own, without surgery. His color looks great today, babies should be pink. Church up here is awesome, it's only a half hour, & only one speaker. The spirit is very strong here, everyone feels for everyone else, but not one would trade their trial for anothers. Teagan became very alert this afternoon and Mason sang him songs and we read him a story. He tried some spontaneous breathing trials and he did well, so as long as the tube fluid keeps diminishing they will look at taking his breathing tube out in the next couple of days. So far a pretty restful and peaceful day. I want all of you to know that your prayers are working, we truly feel them. I don't think I have ever been on the receiving end of so many prayers. If you are wondering what to do for us just keep praying for Teagan's continued recovery.
Teagan's sweet girlfriend, Gracie is struggling today. Her Heavenly Father misses her very much and wants her back. We pray for her and her wonderful family and trust that Thy will will be done. The Plan of Salvation is in full gear up here. We are thankful for knowledgeable doctors and nurses, but we know it's all in God's hands. I can see that Teagan is living up to his incredible name, he is a fighter, he wants to get better and even though we have our ups and downs, out of the five children up here with HLHS he is doing the best (knock on wood). We continually think and pray for all of the children up here, they are truly special spirits here to teach us God's simple plan of faith and enduring to the end, no matter how close it may be.


Geoff and MinDee said...

Thanks for the updates. I was in nursery today at church and mom and dad were in there and I think Teagan was the main subject. We are praying for him and the fam! Keep up the faith and thank you for being such good examples! We love you and pray for you always!
Lots of love from the beach family!
The Barton's and The Aldridge's!

Melissa said...

It was so great to meet you and Teadan yesterday. I too always loved church at Primarys. It has such a unigue spirit, that is so strong and felt by all. Best of Luck!
Melissa Andrew
Intermountain Healing Hearts

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Thinking about you a lot today. Still praying hard for Teagan. I feel the spirit is with you. You are all wonderful people. Teagan will keep fighting hard. Those big feet were meant for greatness!! We are praying for the day when we can BBQ or hang out at the beach all together. Thanks for the updates, I worry about you guys.
Ryan, Tami and Thatcher

Joye said...

So thankful for the updates-especially from Grandpa Bart & Grandma WenDee. Teagan is an amazing fighter-keep fighting!! We pray all the time and love you guys.
Kim & Joye

Kenny & Michele Kingsford Family said...

It was great to meet you both yesterday. I'm so glad Teagan is doing well today and pray that tomorrow will be an even better day. Stay strong!

Michele - IHH
Mom to Taryn

Pam said...

We are still thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. Teagen is a fighter, and those baby steps are sometimes the best ones to take.

If it's one thing Rhett has taught me it's that he will do what he wants to do when HE is ready to do it. Espically medically wise.

We love church at Primary's. It is so special. Last Sunday when Rhett and I went it was the first time that I had been in a while. With his issues we have been avoiding it this winter in hopes of keeping him healthy for all of his surgeries.

I will never forget how strong the spirit was that day, and how calm my crazy two year old was. For a half an hour he just sat there and you could just feel the warmth and love that our Savior had for us sitting in that little room.

We will continue to keep you in our prayers, and go Teagen!! We are cheering you on!!

Pam said...

Sorry I kept spelling his name wrong....I know it's TeagAn not EN.....I really need some sleep, my fingers aren't working that well...... :}

Matt & Chelsee said...

You know you guys are all very loved! You now have the Monroe ward praying for ya. And that really counts for something!:)

Michele said...

Still praying hard and many times. Keep the faith. Will also pray for little Gracie. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Mike & Rebecca said...

Thanks for the updates, it was nice to visit with you guys on Saturday. We're with you all the way, if you ever need anything let us know, most of us are only minutes away.

Hugs and Prayers,
Mike & Family

val said...

Lindsay and I were sad we missed you on Saturday evening at the hospital. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with your family and especially your sweet tiny one.