Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Day Two on the Floor

Just settling in for my second night on the third floor. It is a little scary up here learning how to take care of my sweet HEART. The nurses are teaching me how to give him his meds, feed him through his feeding tube, check for placement of his feeding tube with a stethoscope, CPR, and tomorrow I learn how to place the feeding tube through his nose down into his stomach. I think I am catching on, I just pray I will remember it all when we go home. Speaking of going home, they told me this morning if things stay steady maybe two or three more days, AHHHH! Teagan looks great and when I'm home and they finally ween me off my nurses and monitors, the way he looks and mothers intuition is all I have to go on. They say I will know my baby, I just pray I will. The struggles today were, still messing with oxygen, he went off twice today and is now back on for sleeping. The bigger deal was he kept throwing up, he went through five outfits. They are trying to teach him to eat more at once and go a few hours without food, like normal babies, but he is just having a hard time keeping that much down at once. I know Megan was trying to slow them down, I just hope he will learn because it scares me when he gags. We also attempted a bottle, the first two trys were no good, but third time the charm I guess because for him he did really well. He can only eat for ten mins max because it is too hard on his heart. We will keep trying, I know he can do it, a lot of these babies have never ate from a boob or a bottle, but Teag did and I know it will take time, but he and I can do it. At this point I feel like we can do anything, he is amazing. I don't know when I will ever sleep again, I can't take my eyes off him. I thought Mason was scary as a newborn, but Teagan demands so much more. I know I can do it though, with a wonderful supportive husband, My marvelous mom who without her I don't know where I would be, and all of our extended family who have pitched in with Mason and my house and anything I could possibly need. This is a life long calling, being a heart mom and I pray I can do and I want to do it as long as my Heavenly Father will let me take care of one of his most precious sons.


Matt & Chelsee said...

You could be home in DAYS? That is great news. Man, B you are going to be so smart. You and Matt will have so much to talk about!!

Sell Family said...

I have only been in your ward a very short time, but I could tell that you had a strong spirit without even talking to you. You have this presence when you walk in a room. You are definitely a special person, and a chosen daughter of God. You will do great with your HEART baby. Heavenly Father knows your strength, and knows you CAN do it!
Evonne Sell

PS I would love to bring your family dinner on a weekend. Let me know.

Marye said...

Yahoo!! We're on the home front! Good Job Teagan! Good job Mom!

Jennifer said...

I get on everyday to see how Teagan is doing. I am so glad that he is doing good and you could be home soon. I know it might be scarey, but know that you will be able to take care of him and will do awesome. You will be given the strength to get through it. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you.
The Fraleys

Ashley said...

I know that you will be able to take care of Teagan. Remember, you were always the responsable one? We always left everything important up to you!

Love ya,

Ashley Woodbury

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

OH Brytt! You can do anything now! You will get all of the stuff they each you and, in the days to come, it wont matter because your "mommy alarm" will be louder than their instructions! He looks so good! Thatcher vomited ALL of his pain meds afer they took him off the morphine. It was just too much for him. I cant really rake pain meds either, maybe he is just getting all of that out of his sytem? I am so happy for you to all be going home soon! Hoorah!
Tami and Thatcher

Anonymous said...

We miss you and hope that you know we are thinking of you always. We hope that there is continued progress in Teagan's healing. I thought that the heart poem was wonderful as well. My mom always told me to remember that everyone's journey in life is traveled differently, but we should try and take in as much of the beautiful scenery as we can before our time here is through. Continue to enjoy your beautiful little boy and know that you are thought of often and are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep up your hard work and never lose faith in yourself as parents or in Teagan's power of HEART! We hope to see you home as healthy as can be soon Teagan.