Thursday, April 10, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today Teagan is one month old. Wow a lot has happened in his first month of life; being born, open heart surgery, chest closed, chest re-opened, and so much more. My mom has to give a talk on President Hinkley's talk about taking the stairs. We know Teagan choose to take the stairs in life, as his mother I'm sure I questioned that decision, but at the same time I know I said I would help him because I knew what it would mean for our family. The stairwell here at PCMC has a sign that says, "taking the stairs will add years to your life and life to your years". That is my prayer for Teag. We are thankful for small milestones like today, Teagan's life will always be about quality not quantity. But I guess none of us know how long we will be here and we all should live that way. Happy Birthday Teagan, we love you!
Today was more of the same: oxygen, feeding, gaging, and learning how to take care of Teagan at home. I placed his NG tube (feeding tube), I could not believe I did it. Still working on bottle feeds. The Nurse Practitioner told me most likely we would go home Monday, on oxygen and a NG tube. Time will tell.


Heidi McMillan said...

Very exciting. I love the quote by President Hinckley. We feel so blessed to be parents to our amazing son who has already taught us so much about life, love and family in 7 short months. I feel so blessed to be the mom to a son with HLHS. I know that our son, we, and Heavenly Father all knew what we were doing when we agreed upon such a special mission! All our love and excitement as you get ready to go home.

Anderson Family said...

They send just about everyone home on o2 and a feeding tube. If he eats really well they might let you take out the feeding tube after just a few weeks, this was one if the harder things for me, I hated that tube, well only when I had to really change it by my self, blah, just always remember to flush it, hehe. But in a way it was nice. I could feel my hungery baby fast if she was really mad.

Dont forgot to get some rest before you get ready to go home, before the day before. If you can get sleep at the hospital.

Just remember Heavenly Father loves you!

Melynda and Mariska (HLHS 4.5 months)

Natalie Jensen said...

Wow, I can't believe it has been a month. Happy Birthday, Teagan the Incredible.

Matt & Chelsee said...

What a great b-day present for Teagan to get to watch The Office on his b-day! B I can't believe all the med stuff you already know how to do! It has taken Matt a whole semester to learn how to listen to a heart beat. But if anyone needs a prostate exam he your man! wink wink

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Hey Brytt! I came to see you and Teagan today (Friday) but you were down getting an echo. Hope all is well! You will do great as Nurse Pettit! No worries! Luckily you have lots of support!
Much Love,
Tami and Thatcher

Aunt Kim said...

Happy Happy Birthday Teagan!

candice peterson said...

That is so fun!! I hope that everything continues on the up and up for Teagan. Good luck with everything!