Friday, May 30, 2008

Lots Happening, Not lots of Time to Post

We had a doctors appt. Wednesday, mostly to check on Mason's cold, it is just a cold not much we can do, but wash our hands and keep the boys on separate couches and Lysol and Clorox wipe everything Mason might have touched or breathed on. They weighed Teagan 12lbs. 11oz. it sounds great, but Dr. Harris is a little concerned he might be out growing his shunt, so we checked his oxygen saturation level and it was 71, which is a little low so I've been checking him at home and I get about 74 so we will definitely bring this up at our cardiology appt. on Monday. On to feeding issues, we are still puking chunks... surprise, surprise! We have put a twist on his feeds we are trying 50ml in 45 mins and so far he is tolerating them well. If he can keep it up for a few days then we will try 62.5ml over an hour every three hours... yea! Another exciting thing is we get to try breast milk on Saturday and then he will have an x-ray on Monday and if the Cylo hasn't come back then we can get off of the nasty Portagen. Pray for that!
Last night Kristy Shosted stayed the night with Teagan, she is a childhood friend who is now a NICU nurse at the new IMC. She wanted to volunteer her time to us and we can not thank her enough for that, she even brought me chocolate covered strawberries... yummy! I reminded her of a memory I have of us playing doctor and how cool I thought the tic-tac medicine she gave me was! Now look at us playing doctor/nurse on my real baby, thanks Kristy you are truly an angel!
Over Memorial day weekend we did end up venturing out to Papa's grave and taking Teagan out in the sunshine, it was nice to show him off to our Maples family. Sunday night my dad and Coke stayed the night to help my Mom, it was really sweet, thanks family I couldn't do it without all of your support. Monday night my parents ran errands for me which they refuse to let me pay for and then they came over and I asked my Dad to help give Mason a blessing of wellness, not that was really sick, but I'm just so scared of passing a little cold to Teagan and ending up back in the PICU. So they gave Mason one and then I wanted one, Ryan blessed me with lots of neat things and said that I would know more then the doctor when it came to Teagan and that really renewed my strength in taking care of him and knowing what's best , it lead me to ask and try these new feeding things. While I was getting my blessing I heard Mason whisper to my Mom that his blessing was working and that he felt better already.
My Aunts and G-ma went to Arizona to see Bo graduate and boy do we miss them. I'm glad they got away for a few days, but I can not wait for them to get back. They help us so much and I'm thankful to have family so close. Although, Kori did get Ann to help me go to the doctors on Wednesday while my Mom took Coke to UVU to register, Thanks Ann! We really do have a very close extended family, I don't know anyone who would go to the doctors with their daughter-in-law's niece. And then Ann's close friend Beth wants to bring us another dinner, so I just call them our extended (Kori), extended (Ann), extended (Beth) family. It's nice to have them and so many other loving and caring people around. If this trial has taught me anything it is to be kinder and more compassionate to those who are having a trial of their own.
Well as you can tell it is very late or early depending on how you look at it and I'm starting to get a little crazy so lots of love to all those who are praying and caring for us. Heavenly Father is blessing us everyday and we are thankful to be apart of this gospel and a witness to modern day miracles.


Simmons Family: said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blanket that Teagan is in!! I am so thrilled that he is almost 13lbs!! You are so lucky to have such a HUGE support system around you! Sorry to hear Mason is sick and hope he feels better soon.

HUGS from AZ.

Chelsee said...

Super cute pic. Last night I had this great dream that I was at mom's and I got to play with Teags. He was talking to me and everything! I can't wait to play with him and Mason. Did Teag let you watch "So You Think You Can Dance?" What a funny culture we Mormons have! hahah