Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Give Said The Little Stream

Give said the little stream, give oh give, give oh give, give said the little stream as it hurried down the hill. I'm small I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still....

I often sing Teagan this song & as I ponder it at this late hour, it seems to take on new meaning. Teagan is so small but he has affected so many individuals, none more than myself. My young son's smile stirs my soul every day. He recognizes me instantly, follows me with his eyes as if carrying on a quiet conversation. Seeing his happiness makes my challenges lighter.

I think of our Heavenly Father... Sometimes it is easy for us to feel small & inconsequential in this world, how could he be aware of us. Through small things his presence is seen, felt, & understood. Sometimes we face challenges that make it seems impossible to make it one more day, not to mention tomorrow. But if we looked back at our lives we would see the tender care taken by our Heavenly Father. Mercy given, little streams that enter our life & green our grass, and we would realize that just like yesterday, he will be there today, tomorrow, and forever.

Singing Singing all the day, Give away, oh give away...

People often ask "How are you?" they are surprised when I answer, fantastic, great, amazing. How can I not be? We have an amazing family. A church and community that love us, & although my son has had challenges at a young age, he is alive! and flurishing, smiling, gooing. And I walk with Gratefull and Joyfull steps all day long.

I ask you to consider these things, I know this is just a simple primary song, but its meaning is deep. May we all live life a little more joyfully. Praising god for our blessings & challenges. With renewed faith, When we are faced with challenges remember wherever the "little stream goes, the grass grows greener" may we be that little stream, greening the lives of all.

Teagan your my little stream, I love you!
Dad, Ryan


Chelsee said...

Stop making me cry!!! But thank you for the uplifting post.

carolyn q said...

That was one of the many Primary Songs I would sing to Hope, so it's a song very dear to my heart. Thanks for sharing.

Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I was just hopping from one blog to another (starting from Downsyn) and found your blog.) Thank you for sharing your thoughts on one of my favorite primary songs. It's funny, my daughter Sadie is going to be 4 soon, and since she was born- many of the primary songs now have different meanings for me. Especially now that she is singing them.

I appreciate your comments!