Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Thank You!

The carnival was a huge success. I can't thank Sherri and all those who helped her enough for think of our family in our time of need. We feel bad accepting all this money from all these generous people, but it will help us so much now and in the future. We kind of had Teagan there, my grandparents brought their trailer so my mom and g-ma and aunts took turns watching Teagan. We all wore Incredibles shirts for our little incredible. It was nice to see everyone who has been praying for us, we know God hears our prayers and he is answering them one way or another. We have to give a big shout out to all of the businesses who donated to our carnival:Owen Richardson, KSL, Wal Mart,Smiths, Texas Roadhouse, Lighting Design, Franklin Covey, Flash, Deseret Book, Krosswood Doors, Olive Garden, Spag Factory, Aloha Auto Spa, and everyone else who bought and brought things for the auction. The whole day was really nice and we truly can not thank everyone enough. Please keep praying our journey has just begun.


Chelsee said...

Oh good old Spag fag! Glad it went well I wish I could have made it.

Kathy said...

It was really good to see you Brytten! I am so inspired by your story and your strength.

carolyn q said...

It was a great event, I even wrote about it on my blog!
Heart Hugs,
Carolyn Quigley

Allred Family said...

I am so glad it turned out GREAT!! I cannot believe how Strong you are! You are Amazing :)
Mona-Kay Allred

Seth said...

Hey Brytten! I'm glad you blogged me; that carnival sounds awesome! I'm glad you got so much support. The meds we are using to help with charlie's purging is Ranitidine and Metoclopram. There are more common names for them, but now I don't remember what they are. Those are the names on the bottles. They really seem to be helping.
Also, we don't have to be on Potagen anymore, but I have tons at my house that was sent to me. I'm not sure if I should just use it anyway or give it to someone whose insuance doesn't cover it like mine did. I left a message with the dietician to see what she thinks, but do you need it?