Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm so glad when Daddy comes Home....

(Teagan's shirt says my dada is #1)
Fathers Day was a special day. We started it off by having two of Ryan's brothers over for breakfast, it was fun and delicious. My personal shopper, Megan, got Ryan some cologne from Victoria's Secret. It was the same cologne I bought him for our wedding day. Fathers Day is also the anniversary from when we got engaged, six years ago. We haven't been able to do much shopping, so our gifts to our fathers was to go visit them with the boys. They both really enjoyed our visit. We had a good time getting out and showing off Teagan, but it got to be too much for T. He had a few blue spells and he was feeling muggy from the weather. So it was time to get home, as soon as we got home he settled right down and his sat. level was just fine. Ryan and Mason feed Teagan his bottle, it was a fun day!

On a side note our good friends, the Akers had their baby on Thursday. But by early Friday morning Cooper was life flighted to Primary's with a heart problem. It is all going to be ok, but for a moment they knew how we felt and Ryan went up and saw the baby. Jen, the mom, is the one having problems with blood loss. So needless to say their family could use your prayers.

(Mason took these pictures)The reason this blog is short and scatter brained is because yesterday while I was dusting, I dropped a large floor vase and tried to catch it and sliced the side of my left index finger almost all the way off. Me and Ryan spent 5 hours in the E.R.,and I had to have 13 stitches. Now I am home and very helpless, I'm in a lot of pain and nauseous from the drugs. They still aren't sure if my skin will make it, we will find out if I need a skin graft tomorrow. So as if my mom and others weren't helping enough, they've had to pitch in even more. I can't even hold Teagan. So once again our family could use your prayers. That's about all I can write with one hand. We will try to update on Thurs. after the cath.


Anonymous said...

Where do I even begin? Let's see I check your blog everyday and today there wasn't any new posts so I decided to go back to your very first post and well even the first word made me bawl because it was like watching a movie that you have already seen, you know what happens but the story is so amazing that you just have to watch it again even if it makes you cry. The Incredible Teagan story is one that is hard and at times I wonder if it is real but it is such an amazing story that I just always have to watch but unlike a movie I can actually be apart of it. I know there are days when we wish that the director would say I am changing the script let's start over or thats a wrap everyone go back to your normal lives. Although, if it really was like that I wonder where our family would be? Would we really be happy? I don't think we would be. Yes, life would probably be easier but like I have said a million times this journey has been one that has forever changed us. My testimony has grown and I have been able to look at people in a whole new way. I can not imagine my life without Teagan. Yesterday when I got the phone call that you hurt your finger I thought to myself you have got to be kidding. Isn't the Teagan trial hard enough? but then I changed my mind. No, I don't want you to be hurt but this was just another way to show that no matter what happens you have a family that is here for you including a mom who is willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that both of her grandsons and daughter are taken care of. I wish you the best with your finger and also the best with the filming of your movie. Thanks for letting me be an extra..... it has been incredible being around all you stars.

Chelsee said...

Jo. Wow what a comment!!! You rock coco. OH b you know I just hate what has happened yesterday. Perhaps if you were not such a sister of light the good lord would not have to test you so darn much! After we got off the phone yesterday I felt so helpless I did the only thing I could to help you, I got down on my knees and said a prayer for you. I hope it helped. XOXO

PS Mason, go Celtics!

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I'm so sorry about your finger. As if you needed another trial at this point in your life. It was good to talk to you for a minute tonight. Hope you start to feel better soon.

Michon said...

Ok Brytt, what the heck! There must be something with fingers going on across the country. A guy I work with said his wife had to have stitches in her finger, she cut it with a knife. Jessica's friend, Andrea was cutting lemons at the restuarant she works at and took her fingerprint off with the knife and went to the emergency room, no stitches. That is enough. Just pack up and come out here so we can pamper you guys. We can take care of Teagan while you go relax on the beach, just think about it. Oh how I wish it were that easy. Please leave the dust. We love you so much and prayer for you all! We are so anxious to meet Teagan. His pictures are great. Love the pics of the finger.

Give Teagan hugs and kisses from the family at the beach.

Michon, Val, Jess, Em, Blake, MinDee and Geoff

Pam said...

Oh Owie!! Sorry about your finger, that's awful!!! I know how it is, I was playing softball last summer and had a ball hit at me while playing second base, and I couldn't get my mitt up fast enough so I stuck my other hand up...and caught it. I wasn't able to do anything for weeks, and it was my right hand. Poor Rhett couldn't figure out why I wouldn't hold him!!!

So we are praying for you lots, and espically for Thursday. Is Dr. Day doing the cath? I love that man.....

I hope you will stop by and see us, we are in room 3078 now. No more PICU!!! Yippie!!

I have met Ryan, but would really like to meet you. Always thinking of you, and praying. You are an awesome family!!


Pam and Rhett

Susie & Trent said...

Great pics, sounds like you guys had a fun day! Sorry to hear about your finger! This is Susie, mom to the other Teagan. I would love if you added us to your links, I'll add you as well! Your Teagan is huge! Any tips on getting our little 'T' to gain weight? :)

Natalie Jensen said...

When it rains, it pours! Or that is what they say anyway. I am sorry to hear about your finger. If your family needs a break, I would be willing to take Mason. He and Xander played pretty well the other day. Hope all goes well Thursday!

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Oh my gosh!
I would be happy to come get Mason for the day some time this week. Let me know. I know that Teagan needs to stay home, but I could bring Sawyer over there to play with Mason and take care of Teagan for you while you napped. I would love to help. Please call me!
Much Love,
Tami and the boys

Amy said...

Hi! I'm a distant Pettit cousin [Edwin Pettit-Mary Pettit Green-etc] and I emailed once after Teagan was born. Our Daniel who also has HLHS just turned one last week.

It's good to read about Teagan and that he's doing well. We've also kept Daniel on a rather quiet schedule since he gets bluer when he's tired.

Sorry about your finger!

Best wishes on the cath. We pray all the time for all the heart babies and their families.

Montgomery County, PA

who needs donuts 1 (all one word) at verizon dot net

Simmons Family: said...

SO SO SORRY to hear about your thumb :( I can't imagine the pain and it's probably even harder not to pick up your little guys.

I will pray that you feel better soon and that everything goes FANTASTIC with the cath. Can't wait until the Glen is over with and out of the way for you all....including Teags.


Anonymous said...

I am still feeling so sad about your finger! I talked to Lisa on Wednesday and we both have been dreaming about you this week. All good things, but still we can't seem to get you off our minds. I hope that your finger is healing, and everything went well with Teagan on Thursday. If you need anything, even a personal assistant who can type 60 wpm, please let me know. As always love ya, and pray for you daily.

Ashley Woodbury