Thursday, June 12, 2008

No Chylo!

Yea, no chylo! We had our x-ray today and we got the all clear. G.I. wasn't much help,they want us to try and feed him every three hours 90mls and keep working on the bottle. They were really impressed by him, they said he has won the record for most weight gained, he weighed 13lbs. 12.6oz. (58%) and 25in. long (90%). We are so proud of him even though it means he has most likely out grown his shunt. We have a cath. next Thurs. to make sure. So until then we will stay on fortified breast milk and oxygen. We visited some of our heart friends in the PICU, Parker who just underwent a heart transplant for HLHS, Mason who is recovering from the Glenn, and Isaac who has HLHS and all of them could use your prayers. These kids are so special, I noticed on Mason's crib there was a sign that read, "when I count my blessings I count you twice." It really hit me, these kids volunteered for this and we should thank our Heavenly Father everyday for the blessings they bring to our lives. Today went well, we got good news so lets just pray we can stay this way until surgery. At this point I just want to get this surgery behind us and work on living! Our Mason spent the morning with Allana and Kynzlee, they went to the park and Donald's, he had so much fun thanks guys. We are so thankful for family who can help us in every way.


Tami Acord-Nelson said...

See! These two are record holders! Thatcher for the fastest and Teagan for the fattest! I am so glad to hear about the chylo....was stressin out a little... I am happy, happy, happy!!! I want to come see Teagan and get Thatchers picture with him now that they are "big". Please let us know if there is anything that we can do. I pray every night for you and your family! We love you guys!
Tami and the boys

Matt said...

Thank heavens!-Chelsee

Eric and Allana said...

We had fun with Mase too. We need to do that more. Thanks for letting us be apart of all of this. We Love you guys lots and will do anything for just ask.

Anonymous said...

I love how prayer works and I am grateful that Teagan is apart of our family. It has truly been blessing.

Simmons Family: said...

So happy to hear that the chylo is not back... I am dreading the chest xrays in the next couple of weeks as we just switched back to regular formula yesterday.

I will continue to pray for a great cath and for Mr. Teags to get the Glenn done and over with soon. Life is "supposed" to get a little easier. To stay optimistic I just say it gets easier after 6mo. :)

Pam said...

That's great that the Chylo is not there!!

-Way to go on being a chunk Teagan!!

So I have a question, WHERE did you get that cute brown soft fuzzy blankie with the green polka dots?

I HAVE to find one of those for Rhett!! He is really into the soft fuzzy blankets, it's a huge comfort for him.

It will be a long hospital stay come Monday and I have a soft blankie that I just bought him at walmart, but it's nothing like Teagan's!! So Spill the beans!! Could you email me?

We are keeping you guys in our prayers always. You guys are amazing, and it comforts me to know that Dr. Day is watching over you. Rhett wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Dr. Day.

Pam and Rhett