Wednesday, July 23, 2008

All of Teagan's meds keeping him stabilized.

Teagan yesterday after surgery.

Teagan this morning, a little less puffy and a little pinker cheeks.

Mason seeing Teagan today and giving him a kiss!

Daddy and his boys!

Today was pretty much the same just trying to keep him calm and comfortable. I know how to sooth Teggie, but that requires picking him up... so it is hard to not be able to give him what he wants. We just have to sing his favorite songs, and rub his swollen head and hands and body. I noticed bloody urine coming from his cath. today, but they think he is ok and will just watch it. They heard a gallop in his heart, but said it is just from all the fluid. They tried to get him extubeated today by trying some spontaneous trial and he did ok, but want him to rest and try again tomorrow. Slow day, but that is how things go around here. Teagan is just fighting to come back to us and get back to his happy, playful, cuddly self.


Natalie Jensen said...

I am glad to see pictures and hear that he is still fighting strong.

Ashley said...

Who knew you had all changed so much since I have seen you last! Teagan has grown and grown, and you with dark hair!!! All this time I was reading posts and thinking you were a blonde. I think darker hair works for you. My favorite school picture of you was in high school when you had dark hair and that black shirt. You know the one. Anyway, all the pictures from the hospital scare me, but if Mason can smile through it, so can I.

Lots of love and prayers,


Mike and Rebecca said...

Teagan looks pretty good considering the glenn takes the body a couple of days to get used to the different pressures that his body is now experiencing. I'm so happy to see such a great support system in place! Let us know if we can help!

With many prayers,
Mike & Family

annhomaker said...

I am so glad that the surgery went well. I know that you and your family must be under such stress, but also feeling so blessed. I continue to pray that little Teagan will continue to do well and gain strength. Take good care of that little one and even more, take care of yourselves.
Alex is on the third floor and doing well. Aren't we all just so blessed and watched over. We, like yourselves, are anxious to have our little bubbies home. It is hard to be patient, but the Dr's & nurses are great and they will know when they will be ready to come home. I think of you often and pray for you and your family. Maybe, Kirk, Jessica or myself will see you over the next little bit. Take care and know that you are so very special to have little Teagan in your life. And more so, how lucky he is to have you for parents. Tell your mom, sisters, grandma, aunts, etc. hello from Alexander and the Stewarts. Loves, Grandma Ann

Simmons Family: said...

Teagan actually looks pretty good and he's not nearly as puffy as I expected. Hopeully he'll be off the vent soon and feeling like some snuggle time with mommy!!


Chelsee said...

Yes I am with Ashley. That too is my favorite school picture.

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Ohhh Brytt....cant stop crying looking at Teags! I hate it when they are intubated! You looking like you are holding up! How was that nights sleep last night knowing you were not in charge of all the beeps and machines? Hopefully you can get a little rest before the "floor". DUNT DUNT DUH! I am coming up Saturday so let me know if you need anything!
Praying for you everday!
Love ya,

winnfam said...

We are glad he is stable. You guys are in our prayers!

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Oh I'm so glad surgery went well and that he is fighting like he usually does. Thanks for taking the time to post and keep us updated.

Gourley Family said...

Thank-you so much for stopping by and visiting Mike's twin, wife, and little Gracie. It really helped to feel the support! I am praying for Teagan, and know that our thoughts are with you!
Heart hugs,

Michele said...

you guys are our shining example! I'm getting freaked out just thinking about Gracie going back to the Hospital, definately not read for what you're going through! You're in our thoughts and prayers!! Anything we can do, just say the word!
Tom and Michele Gledhill

Marye said...

It always gets to me to see Teag hooked up to all those machines! I love you guys! I'm so grateful all is going okay! I'll be seeing you soon!

The Andersens said...

so glad to hear everything is going smoothly. definitely not fun to see him hooked up to so many monitors...but know it's for the best and he's fighting to get back into his mommy's arms. praying hard for you guys that all continues to go well and he has a speedy recovery!
thanks for all the updates! keep them coming!

Jenn and Seth Phillips said...

You two are such strong parents and you do such an amazing job, the pictures and the stories that I read of how your little boy is doing are just heart renching. He is such a cutie and such a fighter. Please let Seth and I know if there is anything we can do for you. We will keep you in our prayers