Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Linda NP has come by twice. First to tell us it has taken over an hour to get through the scar tissue and now at 11 he is officially on the heart and lung machine and now will be starting the repair. Dr. K told us yesterday the Glenn should be pretty simple (at least to him), but he is concerned with his aorta. It will take the most time and work. He weighed over 15lbs. today and his blood draw came back a little high in potassium...we better lay off the bananas;) We have already made friends with the other heart family (Dr. Hawkins), a little girl with HRHS, 2.5 years old getting her Fontan.


Anonymous said...

I just got the call from Mom for an update but yet I still feel like I needed to get on here to read it. Hang in there Teag, I know you can do it!
Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

It's Brooke Peterson (Sharp)! I came across your blog...just want you to know that cute little Teagan is in our prayers, as well as your family. Good luck today!

Chelsee said...

Same here, I love blogging though. I was hoping you meet more friends again. That was the best when Tami came over and hugged you. MUH!

carolyn q said...

I am sure you will catch up with ALOT of the IHH families in the PICU once his surgery is over. At least you won't be alone and in great company.
I will try to come up tomorrow to see you guys.
I hope the surgical waiting room has been kind to you too!
Heart Hugs,