Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Linda called, they are still working on his aortic arch and he is tolerating it well. Haven't even started the Glenn. She said she would call again in an hour.


Chelsee said...

This is what I am up to at work... Mom sends me a text, then I check your blog, then I call Matt, and I run around the office giving everyone the update. We are all praying for ya at Webb and Allen xoxo mmuh!

candice peterson said...

My day is all about checking in as well. Hopefully things keep on hte up and up. MY fingers are crossed and there's a prayer in my heart. Hang in there. I'll be looking foward to the good news update soon!!

Anonymous said...

I will do something at home then get a call from mom then continue doing something then check the blog then wait for another update. A constant prayer is being said for Teag, you, and the others there with you at the hospital. This is how I picture it going there.... Mom is biting her lower lip and has that look on her face but tries to be in the convo with everyone, Brytt has the computer on her lap and is checking other blogs and will occasionally give a Brytten laugh that we all love and so others will laugh, Mason is running around wanting to play in the playroom and is pretending to be many different superheroes, oh and I must not forget at one point you are all enjoying a delicious grilled ham and cheese and a nice drink on the rocks(non-alcoholic). That's just a guess though I could be wrong.
Love Ya!