Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Surgery Start

They took him back at 5:00pm, they were a little behind. They say it will take about 3 hours. I will update then. We have our same anaesthesiologist from the Norwood, Chuck Pribble, so that makes me feel comfortable. It's not heart surgery, but it is still a major surgery and we pray for steady hands and clear minds. The plan is laparoscope, but that can be hard on heart babies especially ones who have had the Glenn. So they might have to open him and do it that way. We shall see.


The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Thanks for the update.

Diane Feinauer said...

We are praying for little Teagan, hoping the surgery goes without any complications. He is so fortunate to have such strong and loving parents. It was nice to finally meet him in the PICU on Friday.

Diane Feinauer

aj said...

Good luck, little Teagan. You're a stong, brave boy :)

carolyn q said...

checking in to see how things went. I am hoping this post finds that surgery went better than expected.
Heart Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I just read your update since I didn't get to talk to you again,sorry. I hope all is good. I just went and looked at him and he's sleeping good. Good luck!

Simmons Family: said...

How's Teagan doing? I hope the surgery was quick and that he feels better soon. I was in shock that they took him off the reflux meds to test his reflux... poor little guy!! Hopefully this is it for a while... no more procedures, he'll be reflux free, home soon and on his way to being a "normal" baby... for at least a while!!

Hang in there guys... it gets easier!!!


Gourley Family said...

Chuck is the best! He did both of Ryker's surgeries, and he was also the attending a couple of times too. I actually miss that guy-he was so kind! Good luck today!