Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Surgery Day

After many of Teagan's great Doc and NP convinced Dr. Rollins that Teagan Needs this surgery and can not wait any longer, we are having it today @3:00. Dr. Rollins was wanting T to have a probe study to prove he has acid reflux. The test had to be done with T on no reflux meds for 72 hours. They took him off his Prevacid at 8:00 Monday night and immediately he started puking like crazy. Ryan was already planning on staying the night and boy I was glad he did, it was awful. T was so sick he could not sleep and I had to hold him all night. We were very worried about him aspirating. The next morning Dr. K and Linda said this is ridiculous and Dr. K hunted down Dr. R in the OR and said how this study was unnecessary and we all know he has severe reflux. I finally asked if we could put an NG tube down to suck out the stomach content so the throwing up would stop, he was still wrenching and turning colors, but at least it wasn't coming out his mouth to aspirate. Linda was all but ready to send us to the PICU because the risks were just too high. So Dr. Zeebrack from the PICU hunted down Dr. R and put in her two sense about how this study was not needed and was very dangerous for T to have apple juice and be off his meds. Even Toni our NP talked to Dr. R and finally at 3:00 yesterday he came by and very defensively told me we could skip the study and have the surgery today. They restarted his meds and he got a little better, but last night was even worse, luckily my mom stayed and held him all night so I could get some rest after a week of little to no sleep. He moaned and stirred all night and could not get comfy, it was so sad. With him you can't say your fine baby just rest because he might really be trying to tell us something is wrong. Dr. K and Linda think they might have just weaned him off his Adavan too fast so he got a nice dose of it and at 10:00 this morning finally started resting and is now having a nice nap. It has been a long couple of days that have all blended into one, but we got our sure sign that Teagan definately needs this surgery and we count that as a blessing. So wish us luck in the up coming hours and I will post soon.


carolyn q said...

I will be checking back to see how things are going.
Good for you in advocating for T. Oh, sometimes it makes you crazy though!
Heart Hugs,

summer said...

Good Luck Today! Sure hope all goes well and you guys get some good rest soon. Love Summer

Christina said...

Thinking of you and hoping surgery goes smoothly!

Hugs & Prayers,
Jacob's momma

Anonymous said...

Teagen, is very fortunate to have a mother & family who care and love him so much, and are willing to fight for him.

Thinking of your family and Teagen
still praying for him


Amanda Edwards said...

We love you and will continue to pray.

DeMets said...

Thanks for the update, will be checking until I find more out! I am praying for him!

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Hope things are going well and this does the trick to stop the puking. We'll keep watching to see how everything is.

RHMoffatClan said...

Good luck guys! Teagan is really lucky to have you guys always there by his side! I read your blog and can't help but feel like we need to do something more for you guys! If you need anything at all...please don't hesitate to call us! We are here for you always... praying...we miss you guys and wish you the absolute best!
The Moffat's

Brooke said...

We're rooting for Teagan. Good luck!