Monday, September 22, 2008

Dr. Appts

Well it has been a week or so of doctors appointments. We have seen Dr. Harris twice since my last post, first because we felt like he was sick, Dr, Harris thinks it might have been a little tummy bug that was causing the extra irritability and diarrhea. Then we went to immunology to check on all the test results they took while we were still in the hospital to figure out why his t-cells are low. They can't quite figure it out because all the tests come back negative for anything major like Di George or HIV (from all of his blood transfusions), but the white blood count is still low and when they inject the cells with infections and such, they have a hard time fighting. Dr.Zeft thinks it has to do with a combination of his Thymus being removed during heart surgery (everyone's is) and his extreme case of Cylothorox and not being up to date on his immunizations. He did want T to go ahead and get caught up on his immunizations, just not the live ones. We go back in two months to draw more blood and check the numbers again and see if there is any improvement, for now he is on a special med called Septra and we need to keep him as germ free as possible. So that news sent us back to Dr. Harris to get caught up on shots, he got his four month ones that he had missed because of surgery and then he will have his six month ones and his flu shot and Synergist shots next month. While we were there they treated it like a well visit and did his measurements and weight : 28 1/8 in. long (94%) and 16lbs. 10oz. (35%). Then today it was cardiology and a swallow study, Ryan couldn't come this time so Big G and Big Mace took us and were very kind to give up their day to be with us at the hospital. Dr. Day thinks everything looks great, we get to come off Lasix and he was stating 94, I don't know if I believe it, but they couldn't get a lower number after readjusting the pulse ox several times. His x-ray looked good and his EKG. He weighed 16lbs. 14oz., but it was a different scale so I don't know. Dr. Day wants to see us in two months also. Then we had the swallow study, after we all fasted yesterday Teagan finally passed, meaning he protected his airway when he swallowed and didn't aspirate, it doesn't mean he liked it or wants to do it, but at least now we know we can try bottles and soft baby food and rice cereal after we get the go ahead from general surgery to bolus feed. We will need to work with a speech therapist and an early interventionist to help Teagan, but we are moving forward and that is great news! Besides all the doctors appt. we are just trying to be as normal as we can, we still deal with a lot of gaging and having to vent the G-tube, we are working on sitting up and rolling over. T is getting better head control everyday and loves to grab toys and play under his baby gym. His favorite place to sleep is in his swing or our arms. Life is pretty good right now, we are enjoying everyday we get to be together and under one roof, we don't take a day for granted, for we know that everyone is not so lucky and it is hard to balance hospital life and real life! We send lots of prayers and good wishes to: Megan, Daxton, Elaina, Brooklyn, and all the other kidos who are still in the hospital, whatever state that might be.


Aunt Kim said...


cprolf said...

Zachary's thymus was not removed during surgery. Why did they remove Teagan's? Glad to hear he is doing so well!

Hilary said...

Hallelujah!! Thanks for the reading material tonight. I am so glad teagers did so well, here come the nummy banananas!!!! Love ya, Hilary

Cortney said...

Love the pic and love the news!
Love ya!

Chelsee said...

I was so glad you got a pic up I miss seeing him and I was happy to see part of you. That is a lot of good news I hope we can continue to get more. Love you much!

Roll'in with the Rowley's said...

Great to hear. We too love the pictures. I am going to call you this week. We want to bring dinner for you guys and we are all healthy. So be thinking about what you want. Thanks for the update I know time is Precious!

Always thinking about you

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I'm glad he's doing better. It sure was nice to see you, T & Ryan on Saturday night out and about.

DeMets said...

HE LOOKS BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy for you guys, and glad to see teagan with no tubes, GOD IS AMAZING!

Heart Hugs,
DeMet family

carolyn q said...

That is great news on the swallow test. . WHEW what a relief!
Poor baby on having to get caught up on all those immunizations. Hope also had to have the dead vaccinations since she didn't have a spleen.
I hope and pray that things continue to go well for T.
Even though it is great that you guys are home, I missed seeing you yesterday when I was at the hospital visiting :0)
Heart Hugs,

Aimee and Hardy said...

I'm so glad his cardiology appointment and swallow test went well. That is awesome news. I love seeing the pics of him at home. He is looking so good. We miss you though.

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Busy busy busy! Glad to see he is progressing! Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you I would love to help out!
Much Love and Heart Hugs!

Mindi said...

So glad to hear Teagan is figuring things out. Small victories can be the best! I have no doubt whatever his challenges you will do a great job getting him through it all. All the best to your fam!

Mindi and McKay