Thursday, September 11, 2008

Where Do I Start?

Wow, lots has been happening now that we are home and I think I will be lucky if I can blog weekly. The latest and greatest news is Daxton got his new heart yesterday on Teagan's 6 month b-day. I was able to go sit with Hilary and her family during the surgery because my wonderful Mom and Big G stayed home with my boys. Hilary has a great support system, I don't know many people whose mom and mother-in-law are best friends and work so well together to help Hilary with her house, girls and t-shirts! Once again I was very touched by being able to see Daxton's old heart it was big for his body, but still a very small heart that was very sick. Dr. Kaza, and may I say what a wonderful surgeon he is so kind and personable with a very funny Utah story ask me about it, anyway Dr. Kaza came out to tell Ryan and Hilary how well the surgery went and all I can remember him saying is, "Daxton's heart was very sick, his BT shunt shouldn't have lasted this long, it is a testament to you as his parents that he is still here." It brings tears to my eyes just to type it. I hope Daxton continues to do well and can get home real soon, like a girl with ruby slippers once said, "There is no place like home." Being home has been great for us we are establishing our new normal, I kind of forget when people come to visit and T has a episode of wrenching and gaging, that it scares people because that is getting pretty normal to me. I still hope it will go away in a few weeks like GI plans.
Amber is back and we are so glad to have her, she does a great job with Teagan and it is very nice to get a full night's sleep. We are only having her three nights a week instead of five, but she stays longer from 10-8. Thanks Amber for giving up your nights for us and especially for loving our little man so much!
We went to see Dr. Harris on Tuesday and he is happy with how well he looks, he gained weight 16lbs. 8oz., it is just a miracle because I don't think he is getting enough food. Dr. Harris did inform me and my Mom that anyone who will be around T this winter, especially kids will need to have a flu shot. So if you come over after Nov. you must have had a flu shot. T not only has to have a flu shot, he also needs these special RSV shots (Synergist?) every month up until April so he doesn't end up back in the hospital.
I forgot to mention in my last post that Ryan and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on the 5th. My Mom made us dinner and then we loaded the boys in the car and went to get take-out ice cream from Leatherby's. Not very romantic, but a dream come true for me. We have never been in the car as a family to go out. T has never been in the car after dark, he thought it was so cool and Mason was very excited to have his brother next to him.
On Monday me and the boys went with G-ma Dee and Big G to UVU to take our new college student, Cortney some things. We went to lunch at Fridays, also a first for T, he has never been in a restaurant. The long car ride was also a first. Cortney seems to be having a great time at school and meeting new friends, it is an experience I never had and I am glad she is doing it.
Teagan had a rough night last night, G-ma Dee stayed over since Ryan is in Vegas for business, and she stayed up with him and he was awake and moaning and even screaming from 3:30 am on, she gave him two doses of Tylenol and it didn't touch him. I called Bonnie to see if see thinks it could be withdrawals, but she didn't think so. He is also having runny poops and so we think it might be his formula. I called Stacey and she brought out new formula. I hope it helps, he is finally resting from about 9am on and I hope the day will just keep getting better. I called Dr. Harris also and of course on the day I really need him he is out until Friday.
Last but not least Teagan celebrated six months yesterday, the 10th, another month we feel blessed to have him with us. Big G, Kori, and Brooke came over with lunch, balloons, and some cute new outfits! I told my friend Angie and she said "If you do this much for monthly b-days I can't imagine his 1st b-day." Well you just wait!
Well I told you I had a lot to say and I'm sure I've forgotten stuff, I do want to send a few shout out's:
-to Ryan for being so supportive while I was at the hospital, for hiring people to clean the house, and for working so hard in this crazy market to pay for all of our new expenses.
-to Mason for giving up his mommy for so long, I hope you know I would do the same for you.
-to my Mom for being here all day every day and even some nights so I can catch up on rest and getting my house back in order.
-to my Dad for allowing my Mom to be gone to much.
-to Stacey for dinner and the formula run.
-to Michon and G-ma Maples for a delicious dinner on Sunday
-to Jeri and girls for the gas card
-to Big G for all of the Heart clothes, dinners, and making each monthly b-day so special
-to Big Mace for all the nights you have stayed up with Mom
-to Scott and Chris for making my b-day at the hospital so memorable
-to Kori for decorating the house
-to Brooke for doing all my laundry
-to Kim and Mike for making 2 special trips out to see us especially on your b-day
-to Chels for coming out to see T and spending the night at the hospital with me
-to Pam and Holly and the Bishop and the rest of the ward for all of your visits and kind words
-to my Heart Moms for being there for me and understanding me
-to everyone else who have fasted, prayed, put our names in the temple, left comments


Aimee and Hardy said...

I am so glad you got to be with Hilary during Daxton's surgery. And it's great to hear you guys are getting out. We miss seeing you and Teagan, but I'm happy you finally made it home. Great job!

Cortney said...

This post was well written! I am so glad you were able to come see me! Thanks so much!
Love Ya!

Jodi Pettit said...

We are happy to hear that Teag is improving and that you are creating a new routine of normal for your family. You are in all our prayers.

Kathy said...

I am glad things are going so well for you guys! I will definately keep you in my thoughts.

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Glad you are figuring out your new schedule and what is normal. Everything will fall into place nicely for you I'm sure.

Ashley said...

It is so amazing to me that you can take your little family on short road trips and out to restaurants! I can just imagine you all in the car and I'm SO happy that you have made it to this point. You have all fought so hard to be where you are today.

I know you're super busy and look forward to your posts whenever you find a moment. I want to come see you soon, but when it's good for you. I'll call you and see if we can work something out.

Love ya,


Hollie said...

I'm so glad that you're doing well. It's kinda lonely at the hospital without you! Drop in and say hello when you come up for appointments next week! Hope the new formula works better for Teagan.
Love you!!!

Hilary said...

I just want to let you know that I try and post and it never lets me, it hates me. Tonight was so fun, what an awesome thing to go out to dinner with the whole fam and you were so calm and put together. I am so glad that we met, you are awesome. Love you darling, Hilary

candice peterson said...

Things sound like they are going quite well for the Pettit's. I rememeber when we came out to see you I just rememeber thinking, as we left, that you guys were never going to get out and you would be cooped up at home forever, I'm glad things aren't that way. I'm sure that was an experience to remember!! Good for you!! Well congratulations on a new mile stone and look foward to many more ahead!


Mimi said...

Wow! Sounds like I need to head to SLC. We are waiting for a heart here in Seattle. I have been hanging out with other Teagan here in the hospital. My daughter Mia has been waiting for two months. I am soooo ready to go home! I grew up going to Primary Children's as a patient and loved it! Do they still have that fountain by the cafeteria? Do you know Dr. Hawkins?

How great that you are home!
I love his middle name by the way- so fun!

Cassidy Meine said...

Hey I've been keeping up to date on Teagan via Chelsee's blog and I'm also been checking out yours now and then and I'm SOOOO glad he is home right now, I bet you are so happy! I just wanted to let you know that he is such a sweet little baby (I know I have never met him....) but I truly look up to you as a mom to be so strong through all of this!