Monday, September 1, 2008

Eat Baby, Please Eat!!!

Well we are still at our mansion on the hill, just chilling! Teagan is doing ok, he just can not seem to tolerate his feeds. It has just been this same roller coaster for the past week, we try to get him to full feeds and that starts the wrenching cycle and then we go back down to hardly nothing and then we work back up. We are currently on 30CC out of the 38 that he needs and we are praying for a good night! We continue to be the welcoming committee and the meet and greeter. Teagan has made many friends that will last a life time. I need to post pictures of his babysitter Megan, she is 15 and is here waiting for a new heart, she comes and holds T at least twice a day, only if she eats. Please send some prays her way and for her mom, Paula and family, they are from St. George and their family has had to divide and concur. N-E-way it's slow go, but I'm fine up here, I miss my Mason and not being able to sleep in the same bed as Ryan, but I like the people up here, the staff is so good to us and they understand our condition. Our friends are awesome, I don't know what I'll do when I can't see them everyday. I tell them we can't leave because T is waiting for Daxton and Megan to get a heart. We sure do pray that both will receive one soon! Thanks for the prayers, it's a day to day thing and soon we shall return to our home on the other hill!


Hollie said...

I'm so sad that you didn't make it home this weekend, BUT I'm also so glad that I'll get to see you on Tuesday!! Fingers crossed that you're on your way home soon.

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

One step at a time right? He's at least moving in the right direction and out of immediate danger. You know we're still praying for you guys and getting T home where he belongs.

Pam said...

We stopped by while we were visiting Carter on Sunday just before we were discharged but you weren't in there.

I was sad I missed you. Rhett didn't get up to full feeds until about 3 weeks after his surgery, but he had enough weight on him that it was okay. That's the only reason we got to come home.

Even then it was on continuious feeds until about 6 weeks post op.
Now he is finally getting his bolus feeds and just on continuious at night.

I hope you guys are home soon. I know how bad it stinks to not be able to sleep with your husband and miss your other kids.

Sending lot's of loves!

Pam and Rhett

Anderson Family said...

We stopped by on our way out but you weren't in your room. We enjoyed meeting you and Teagan - what a cutie!! We are praying for Teagan and hoping his little body will get used to the feeds - these poor guys have to go through so much! Hopefully it won't be long now! Thank you so much for the idea about the heart tape to keep a NG tube in - so far it seems to be working. You really should market that idea!!!
Have a great day - and Teagan if you are listening - please eat and then you can go home!!
Kristi, Alan, Parker, Ashleigh and Carter Anderson