Monday, September 1, 2008

Me and My Megan!

#1 babysitter!


Chelsee said...

I loved watching you with all the families and patients at PCMC. You and Teag are like rock stars around there. I miss you guys

Kathy said...

You are definately making a difference in the lives of others during your trial. There are many reasons we are given our trials and it is obvious you are making the most of yours! You are truly rising to the test with spirit and strength and we admire you. We pray for your return to your other home very soon.
Love Ya, Kathy McD

Mindi said...
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Mindi said...

Thanks for the kind words. We are hoping you can come home soon too. Thank you for being so friendly during our stay. It meant a lot to have inspiring families like yours to teach us that we can get through this too. We are sending massive amounts of positive juju to Teagan and that tummy of his.

All the best,
Mindi and baby McKay

carolyn q said...

Look Brytten. . .your dream came true as Megan is getting her heart. WOW. . .that's incredible!
Thanks for taking the time to go around with me Sunday to visit the other families. . .you are amazing!!!.

Heart Hugs,

Amber said...

Hey Brytten, what a darling picture! What a sweet girl:) Thank you for leaving me a message. I'm traveling back into town soon. I would love to still take care of sweet Teagen when he comes home. I understand nobody had any idea it would be this long for Teagen. I hope you're doing ok. I sure miss you guys. I will come visit soon or give you a call. Also I was called by the Red Cross to go help in Louisiana. I'm going to be flying out pretty soon. I'll have my cell with me. I only plan on staying a week or less. I hope I'll get to see you soon!

Love ya lots! Amber

Natalie Jensen said...

I read on Daxton's site that Megan got her heart today. That is awesome. I am sure you are such a big strength for other patients and families up there. We hope Teag gets to come home soon.

Ashley said...

Thanks for sharing that picture, it's so sweet! You are amazing and you are making a difference not only at the hospital, but to me and I have a feeling so many others.

I love you!