Wednesday, November 12, 2008

8 Months old!

Teagan is now eight months old as of the 10th. He had lots of celebrating over the weekend as Ryan and I were out of town and G-ma Dee, Kimmy & Big G took really good care of him and Mason. Brookie brought Teagie a cute new heart outfit and Avery made a fun card that T loved to crumple! Not much new to report, T is about the same with his eating. Our speech Therapist thinks he is improving, just slowly, he will allow apples, oranges and a few other foods to touch his lips. He wiggles all over and rolls to both sides, just not over to his tummy. He giggles a lot more and I think his voice is not sounding so raspy. He looks good and is doing as well as we could hope for. We hear of others with HLHS returning to our Heavenly Father and are just grateful he is here and happy, G-tube and all! We also heard of one of Ryan's high school friends who just lost their baby to a heart condition, may they feel the comforter at this time.
Like I said Ryan and I got away for the weekend and went down to Mesquite. It was wonderful to get away and so nice to concentrate on each other after being so preoccupied for the last several months. We relaxed and ate yummy food and shopped and had spa treatments, it was wonderful. We left Mason a few time with my Mom for weekend get aways at T's age and it was fine leaving him, I knew he was in good hands and I usually didn't even call. But leaving Teagan was a whole nother story, I cried leaving the driveway and I called enough that my Mom finally said, "I promise we will call if there is a problem". I knew I left him in the greatest hands and with Kim flying in to help (side note, who does that, fly in to tend their great-nephews, but Kim is amazing and I was so thankful to her, I know it was easier on my Mom having her here.) so I really had no need to worry. We were mostly scared that his G-tube would come out and I haven't even had to put that back in yet, knock on wood. Long story short, we had a great time, the boys were spoiled and G-ma Dee was wiped out. So it just been me and the boys hanging out recovering from our busy weekend. We do have to get blood work done tomorrow for our appt. with Immunology next Thurs. so hopefully I'll have an update then.
P.S. The reason it's Wednesday and not Monday that I'm updating this is because I finally got around to reading Breaking Dawn on our drive down and I haven't put it down since and I finish it this morning! Now I can get back to my Life, just in time for the movie:)
P.S.S. No picture because Mason spilled pop on my camera.


The G Fam said...

You guys are busy! That is great you guys were finally able to get away for a weekend! It is hard to hear about HLHS and heart babies returning home. I know it is a long and hard road, but I know I could have done it and would willingly do it for my beautiful Ryker. Keep your spirits up-Teagan is amazing and soo adorable!

Cortney said...

I'm glad you were able to get away!Every time I call home I always ask about Teag even when I know that someone would call if there was a problem. Then I love to ask if Mason is there so I can talk to him and he always reminds me that I have to talk to him in my Elmo voice when he calls me Elmo haha!
Love Ya!

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I'm so glad you guys got to get away for the weekend. Sometimes you just have to escape.

Chelsee said...

I am happy that you were able to relax. We are blessed to have a mom who is a super-hero. Oh was that a secret? Sorry mom. Did you like Breaking Down (as I like to call it)I don't have a desire to read it or see the movie, but I like the song Decode. Anyway I hope his appt goes well. Love ya

Mindi said...

Congrats on the getaway. You're a good example. I'm hoping come spring we can get the nerve to do the same. Teagan sounds like he is continuing to hit those tiny but important milestones that keep smiles on mom's face and hope in her heart. We think of you often and wish you all the happiness life has to give.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you finished that book!!! How is your family doing? Tell everyone in your family that we said hey! We're moving to Logan on the 22nd, so we will be closer to visit. We still want that BBQ


Aunt Kim said...

I am so glad you had a good time, you deserve it! I hope that you know how thankful I am that you have let me be a part of Teagan's life. You keep thanking me, but I feel like I'm lucky that you have let me be a part of his life. Thank you! XOXO P.S. Teagan and Mason, I love them both so Much!

Michele said...

Oh I am so jealous!! I am so glad you were able to get away for some MUCH needed time off!! You really have a very wonderful supportive family. Lucky girl!

Bug said...

that sounds like a wonderful ...and traumatic weekend!
i'm so glad you and your hubby got some down time. that is the best.
aren't families GREAT?! I don't know what we would do without Grandmas either.
you are such a good mom to cry when you leave your baby.
i rejoice when i leave the house with not child in tow. hehehe
thank you for helping all of us to be grateful for the time we have with our little ones.
its so easy to forget how blessed we are sometimes.
I pray that Teagan will continue to progress, develop and do well, and that you will have many more wonderful spa filled weekends!

Marye said...

Boe & I have had our flu shots.