Friday, March 27, 2009

Birthday Party part 2

Sorry, but I found more pictures. So here they are:
Just the Four of US, Happy to be celebrating at HOME!
The Party set up, in the corner can you see the donor registration? We asked everyone to become one for Teagan. He just might need it!

This Heart is so cool, my Mom had it made for Teagan, for Christmas. It's a puzzle, you can't see the brake very well, but it's in half. The right side says, "Our INCREDIBLE Teagan Dash Pettit". The left side is in a bunch of smaller pieces that are all of my side of the family who have helped so much to make his HEART WHOLE! So clever, that's my Mom for ya! Thanks to Brian for making it all come together.

Speedy, the turtle! From, Big G and Big Mace, He loves it!
Everyone else so kindly gave to his medical fund with cash and gift cards to Jolly's Pharmacy. Thanks Guys!
The big brothers of Teagan and Thatcher, they have been through a lot too this year.

These are 12 balloons from Big G and Big Mace, tied to money and Speedy. One balloon for every INCREDIBLE month we have celebrated the gift that is his life! And YES that is an Incredible's balloon! Thanks G
Eric and Allana's family gave him the big smiley in the middle with their card, so cute!

And last but not least, my beautiful invitations. We hope you all feel like you were there, we sure wish you could have been!
So you may be asking why so many pictures, why not do a slideshow? Well the anwser is my girlfriends have offered to put this in a book for me and we don't think you can publish the slideshows.
All you readers and veiwers out there, please try to post something even if it's just your name, so we know everyone who thought of Teagan his first year. We want to put this in a book for him to have forever and ever to show him just what it took to have him here!


The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Yes, pat yourself on the back for the invitations. They were awesome. It's so great to celebrate his life.

Pace and Liz said...

Brytt those invitations are so cute! I am so glad Teagan is doing "good". He seems to have grown so much since we saw you guys last. Let us know when you come down again so we can go to dinner or something.

Anonymous said...