Friday, March 27, 2009

Sedated Echo

On Monday, March 23rd Teagan had a sedated echo. We met with Dr. Day and he feels really good about T's heart. He actually told us to put the heart on the back burner and get this kid to eat! His stats were in the low 90's, but I never believe it. At home his best is 87. We discussed our concerns with him, T's stats still seem to drop into the 70's at night ever since his cold. So I have been giving him a little oxygen on those night to keep him up in the 80's. Dr. Day threatened to take away my monitor, in not so many words, but said he is fine, just try to keep him out of the 60's, if you say so doc. He got an IV and did pretty well, considering he is older now and doesn't like cardboard on his wrist! We took him to echo and as he drifted off to la, la land (or so we thought) we left. We had lunch in the fabulous Rainbow Cafe and ran into a few favorites. We got to sit with Alison, Grant's mom, and share a few thoughts. Then we headed back to T. Well low and behold he was already kind of awake so we asked why, since the echo was still going on. They said they gave him all they could and he never really got knocked out and that next time we would need to use something stronger! So we strolled up to recovery and fed him and then back down to carido for the results. Everything looked what I would describe as fine, Dr. day used the word GREAT. Well the kid only has half a heart, not so GREAT to me, but I'm not the doctor. I'll take GREAT to mean we are not in failure and can come back in three months. The one side isn't squeezing as well so we went up on his Digioxin a bit and there was mild leakage from what I could understand and remember, but all I really hear is what I need to do as his mom to make sure we get to come back in three months. Over all it was a long day at PCMC, but grateful it wasn't longer and we all got to come home to rest! Thank G-ma Dee for keeping Mace!
P.S. So you know how he hasn't been enjoying the doctors visits so well lately, Dr. Day got an A+. He had a little finger puppet monkey to check T's pulses and such, it was a real hit since T likes monkeys so much! Thanks for making it easier on us, I know it was an answer to a lot of prayers also.
The sedation finally kicked in;)

I'm ready to get out of here
Daddy's mustache is not for real, it's Mustache March, something the guys do in the PICU for March Madness and it meant so much to us last year (it brought so much comic relief, when we didn't find very much funny at the time) that Ryan wanted to do it this year, he even got his two brothers involved. He had bracelets made and everything and he dropped some off to the PICU. He went a little further and added organ donation to the meaning, so next year we hope even more will get involved!(hint,hint)


Hilary said...

Dude what is with mustache march. Ryan has one also. I will be posting a picture soon. Lets just say I am glad march is almost over. Its kinda fun though. I am glad that his echo went well. Such a trooper. Love your guts!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Jack is living in the 70's here...we are at high altitude though. He also just had his sedated echo...and I asked the Dr. how many kids end up going home from the Fontan with oxygen, because there is no way my three year old is going to keep that on his face. He said that if Jack's O2 levels aren't in the 90's they may send him home on oxygen, to which I replied "He has been living 3 years in the 70's and has been just fine!"

He said, "Good point."

Teagan looks to be doing GREAT!