Monday, September 28, 2009

18 Months Old

At 18 months old Teagan is a whole new guy, you won't believe me if I tell you, but I will tell you anyway...HE EATS! It has been an absolute miracle! Teagan has finally started to eat and swallow and eat some more all day every day, it's nothing too healthy or wholesome, but it's food and it is going and staying in! He hasn't had a puke or gag since our rough patch back in July, it has been absolutely wonderful and do you want to know what made all the difference....WALKING! His core is finally strong enough to hold every thing UP and DOWN (if you know what I mean). He loves to crawl up the stairs and scoot down the stairs. He walks from Mommy to Daddy and loves to see how long he can stand in place or just fall straight back thinking someone will catch him. He has had a few spills and has the bruises to prove it. His new found independence makes it very hard to keep him away from all the germs, but I just try my best to keep things clean around him and wash his hands as much as I do mine. Mason started preschool and with that comes a whole new set of germs, I think I remind Mason to wash and sanitize his hands so much I forget to tell him to have fun too. We have truly tried to jam pack our summer full of fun as we don't know what next summer will bring, so here is what we've been packing it with:
This is the Ryno, to say Teagan loves it is an understatement, he goes absolutely nuts waiting for daddy to get home so he can go for a ride. He even has his own sign for it and then taps his head signing HELMET, it's even special enough to say, "VROOM, VROOM!" We just had a back seat put in and harnesses for everyone, including the car seat. We just got back from Moab with it, did I mention how much Teagan loves it?

These are T's favorite PJ'S, he points at Elmo and then shrugs his shoulders because he doesn't understand why Elmo is allover him!
Teagan helps me drive Mason and his friend Garett to preschool!

Teagan loves ice cream...don't even try to take it away, not even when my chin turns red from the cold, no sir!


Eric and Allana said...

I must admit we LOVE that little Teagie!!! We are so glad he is doing so well!

Aunt Kim said...

I loved all the posts. I can't say it enough you have the cutest boys! love you all! GO PATS!!!

The Simmons Family said...

I LOVE all the new posts!! Teagan is such a beautiful little guy (I know beautiful isn't supposed to be used for boys, but he is!)

It's great to hear that he is finally eating and enjoying it. Oh and walking from Mom to Dad is great too!

I get so excited when I see our little friends doing so well!!

I wish we lived closer so we could join in the camps and walks. When Owen is a bit healthier (post transplant) we'll make our way up to Utah and meet everyone!

Thanks for all the updates!!!

Chelsee said...
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Chelsee said...

His love of Ice cream proves he's a Maples

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I love seeing all these pictures. It makes hearing about it that much better to see the pictures that go along with it.

likeschocolate said...

He is so cute!

Ryan and Hilary said...

Oh my goodness! He just looks amazing!! I am so proud of him! I am so so happy that he is eating and keeping it down. What a wonderful miracle! Love you guys!

DeMets said...

Many tears to my eyes! He is looking absolutely beautiful! I praise the LORD for all the amazing little updates. He truely is a miracle baby! Will be praying for you guys through this tough cold season! Heart Hugs,