Monday, September 28, 2009

The IHH Heart Walk

We got to participate in the IHH Heart Walk this year! It was fun to gather our extended family and walk for HEART! We had about 20 family members there to represent Teagan DASH. We all wore our special Incredibles shirts. We want to thank everyone who took time from their busy Saturday to support us and our group. Some family couldn't be there, but still wore their shirt or donated money, my Mom even made heart shaped Rice Krispy treats to have a little piece of her heart there, we appreciate it all. Just the four of us stayed for the angel ceremony, it was very beautiful and touching, a group I pray I never have to join, but in the back of my mind realize I might. They released butterflies up to their angels and Mason asked if they were going up to Heavenly Father, so precious. It was a beautiful morning and I'm glad we were there.

Some of us met for breakfast, at Uncle Carl's (family joke)
Our INCREDIBLE league of Supers

Notice Mason's shoes, they are Vans with hearts with wings on them, so cute!
T, Me, Amy, & Jack
Gathering the troups
And their off...
Teagan is going to do some walking himself!

A few of the Heart Hero's with their #1 fans, MOM! HEART HERO'S

Exhausted on the drive home!


Chelsee said...

Glad it went well! Yes I left comments on each post b/c if you are like me you love seeing comments on your post

carolyn q said...

I am a little bit behind on commenting, but I hope that you don't ever have to belong to the Angel group either.
I pray for great health for Teagan so you can enjoy him for a long time.
Thanks for supporting the cause and it was great to see you last night. I hope you had a great time.