Tuesday, June 10, 2008

3 Months Old

Today our big guy is three months old. We are definitely outgrowing our shunt. Tuesday night I was a little worried about his breathing before Amber got here so I checked his o2 saturation level and he was 69-68, too low. So I changed feet and he was his usual 74. So I just asked Amber to check him through out the night. When I got up Wednesday morning she was standing rocking him and told me they had a rough night and she was worried he might be sick with an ear infection, but that his sats had not dropped below 70 all night so at least it was not that.I asked her to hold him while I drew up his meds and got her money to let her go home, but she was more worried about Teagan then leaving and getting her money, which I appreciated. She is doing a really good job, I never even hear him fuss or anything. So I sucked out his nose because he definitely sounded congested and then he sounded a lot better so she left and I said I would just watch him. He settled right down and so I think his feeding tube was just bugging him, after he pulled it out twice on Sunday, I'm sure his nose was a little irritated. He hasn't pulled on his ear, so I think he was just trying to pull on his tube. I was still concerned about his saturation levels so I checked them and they were low again, upper 60's. I called Dr. Day and his nurse called me back and said it was time for oxygen, we feel blessed that we already had oxygen here because of a paranoid nurse. We checked his levels again and they were back up in the 70's, so we kept checking his levels every hour, and for most of the day they stayed in the 70's. I was really proud of my Mom she stayed calm all day, at least on the outside, while I was freaking out for most of the day. Stacey came last night and I was checking him and by 10:50 he was low again, so we spent the night on oxygen, we started on .5 of a liter and had to go up to .75, then by 6:30 this morning he was in the 90's and I weened him back off, so right now he is in the 70's, no oxygen. Dr. Day's nurse called again and she wants me to keep him in the 70's, not to worry about 80's and definitely put him on oxygen if he drops to the 60's. She was really nice and just reassured me that this was a sign that it is the right time for his Glenn. We also heard from Cath. Lab and they scheduled his cath. for July 10th, his four month b-day. Which means that his surgery will follow within the next couple of days of that. It looks like we will be on oxygen, at least at night, until then. On a happier note, feeds are going better. He is eating 60mls every other hour and he is puking a lot less and it is never chunky. He takes a bottle well, especially from Big G, she gets him to take 30mls every time, the rest we put in the tube. We see G.I. on Thurs., so hopefully they will have some more help. Sorry this is so detailed, but I want to look back and know all the details. We pray that Teagan's heart will stay strong and get us to July 10th, keep fighting big guy and Happy Three month B-Day!
P.S. My Mom got Teagan to give his first giggle on Monday, it was so cute, but evertime I tried to film it he stopped.
Pop tries to give Teagan a bottle.
Mason keeping an eye on Teagan.


Chelsee said...

Ok first how funny is that picture of Mason? Jo sent me video so I could hear Teag. How wonderful. I love that you are so detailed it keeps me in the know. I am so happy that Amber loves him so much! XOXO

Simmons Family: said...

What a big guy!! It's aweful when they drop into the 60's but you knew exactly what to do. You'll be so relieved once the GLenn is over and done with! I'm excited that he is taking so well to the bottle...that's fantastic!! He's adorable.


Geoff and MinDee said...

Keep up the good work Brytt! You are truly amazing to me! Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me! I cant wait till one day I can love our baby like you all love teags! Love you lots!
The Beach Crew (MinDee)

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Just think, in ten years, you will look back on this and tell yourself, "I am amazing. My family is incredible and we are stronger in our faith and within ourselves because of all we have been through." And Teagan will say, "Mom, seriously, can I go to the gas station with Thatcher? He is waiting...oh- and do you have $10 bucks I can have?"
But one day, maybe a few years later, he will realize when he has his own little bundle, how precious life is, and how truly wonderful you are, the mother that learned how to be a doctor in a few short weeks and loved him as much as God does. That is what we all see....
You guys are fabulous....
I will bring homemade treats this time! Let me know what your favorite is!
Much Love,

val said...

I'm amazed every post how incredible you guys are. You're always in our prayers.
I loved that photo of Mason and binocs! So cute.

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Oh he's grown so much. I wish we could come over more often but we've had cold after cold here. I know you can't expose him to that so we'll just stay put.
I really hope that his low oxygen is because he's ready for his next big surgery. I would hate for him to have to go through smaller ones in the mean time. Our prayers are still with you.