Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I Need Oxygen to Breath!

It's true we are on oxygen full time now, 1/2 liter all day and all night. I talked to Dr.Day today and he is concerned. The reason for his dropping oxygen is one of three things: out grown his shunt and ready for his next surgery, a pinch in his shunt which they would put a stint in, or the chylo is back and restricting his breathing which in that case they would have to put in a chest tube and drain it. We are hoping he has just out grown his shunt and needs his surgery sooner. The other two would require small surgeries which we just don't want him to have to go through. So I'm asking as you read this to stop and say a little prayer for our big guy, we could sure use them. We will have an x-ray when we go to G.I. tomorrow, which will confirm or eliminate the chylo. The other two will require a cath. sometime in the next week, we will wait to hear back from Dr. Day when that will be. Thanks for the extra prayers and we will try to keep you all updated.
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Jodi Pettit said...

You guys are in all of our prayers but we will pray extra hard for Teagan right now.

I was looking through Shailey's schoolwork the other night & she had to do a paper on if she could have three wishes...her first wish was that Teagan could be all better because he is just a little baby. I thought it was sweet she had it complete with a picture of him in his mommies arms smiling.

We love you guys & will keep praying.

Love Josh & Jodi

Simmons Family: said...

I'm sure he's just outgrowing his shunt.. he's a big healthy boy! Prayers for Mr. Teags as he gets ready for his cath. Don't forget to say a little prayer for Mr. Owen who has his emergency cath tomorrow :(... poor guy.


Chelsee said...

Gosh dang!

Chelsee said...

Ps I feel so selfish I should be there with you! I feel like a jerk