Monday, August 18, 2008

Baby Blue Eyes

We have lost another sweet-HEART, Christian. We met his parents one day in passing up here and became heart friends. Last night, Saturday, unknown to me Christian was having some struggles and returned to our Heavenly Father. I even had stopped by last night and his door was closed and the sign read dressing change so I figured I would just talk to them today. Well I guess there was some commotion in the PICU and Hollie called up to me this morning and shared the dreaded news. We never even exchanged phone numbers and it just leaves a hole in my heart, I don't know the details. Christian was 5 and was waiting for a heart since, I believe, June. He was on 2 Berlin Hearts trying to sustain him until his new heart came. He had a love for super hero's and his room was decorated in all of them, we (Hilary mostly) even figured out a way to get him an early edition of Iron Man, I'm not sure if he got a chance to watch it yet, his family was waiting for him to feel a little better so they all could watch it together. With all the Super Hero's I couldn't help but think of my Mason and his love for the Supers. I don't know how many of you have seen Iron Man or even made the connection to the heart issue, but I cried when I saw it and made the connection. These boys are Iron Men, they make something out of nothing. My link to Angel Christian tells a little more of his story, please pray for the comforter to wrap his arms around his parents and sister and brother. They have already lost one baby to this already. They were one of the couples that went to dinner with us and that will be a memory and time I will never forget. If Scott or Casey reads this I love you guys and thanks for being our friends, I'm so sorry for what you are going through, Christian was a beautiful boy, I will never forget those baby blues!


Chelsee said...

What a cute little guy. Sorry to hear about his passing. 3 more days

carolyn q said...

I know they were not part of IHH, but my heart still hurts for them as I understand the complete emptyness of having a child pass away.
He sounds like an amazing little boy and a real hero who fought very valiently and now will watch over his family.
Heart Hugs,