Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayers Anwsered!

Well all of your prayers must have worked because Megan got her heart today. Paula Megan's mom came in our room this morning, right after me and Teagan had just laid down for our morning nap and I thought go out we can talk later, but she had big news, Megan is getting her heart. Megan had a few request from us: to hold T until she had to go and for me to french braid her hair when she got out of the shower. We did both and T was just an angel while she held him! I sat with Paula during surgery ans guess what they brought out Megan's old heart, WOW what a thing to see I have pictures to post, it was large and stretched out and the left side was bigger than the right, what a sight to see, such a miracle! I am grateful Megan has allowed me into her life and I will forever be touched by her Christ-like spirit. Me and Hilary immediately started to bawl and I actually had to step out. When they said everything went well we had a prayer It was a lovely thing. May the Lord bless Megan and comfort her mom this night and in the coming days. I kept saying the reason we are here so long is to see one of our friends get a heart and sure enough we have and it looks like we will be going home tomorrow. I pray with all my heart that little Daxton is next and we can witness that miracle too, please pray with me, it seems to work!


Chelsee said...

Again I should not read your blog at work b/c I tend to cry. This time I had tears of joy when I read that she got her heart and again when I read what she wanted to do before surgery. I am still praying for little Daxton and I hope he gets his heart very soon.

Marye said...

That is amazing! Teagan must be there to give hope to those in need! That is honestly the best thing i've heard all day!

Jodi Pettit said...

Thanks for sharing! I think it helps us remember too why we want to be organ donors and make sure our families know that. I know that if something tragic happened and our lives were ending it would be a great gift to leave for someone else to have a renewed life.

We will keep praying for Teagan & his heart friends health.

Lots of love

Cortney said...

Megan is very sweet and I am glad I was able to meet her! I am so happy for her! My prayers are with you and all those at PCMC!
Love Ya!

Gourley Family said...

Thank-you for sharing your beautiful experience. Today has been one our harder days, and that just softened and touched my heart. I am grateful that you are up there, but am grateful you are going home.
Heart hugs,

Hilary said...

Thank you for asking for prayers, I think it is the only thing that is going to get his heart here. Love you, Hilary

Chelsee said...

Happy six year anniversary!!