Friday, September 5, 2008

Home Again, Home Again Jigity Jig!

Teagan made it home yesterday at about 4pm. He is doing great and it feels good to be home. We had a rough last night at the hospital, but I said just get us out of here. My Mom and Big G came to get us and after saying our goodbyes and shedding a few tears, we were on our way. I was not as scared this time, but it was bitter sweet to leave so many friends. Don't worry we have plenty of appt. to let us visit. I can't believe how much time has passed, it felt like the same day over and over and now it is six weeks later and Sept. Me and Ryan did it by ourselves last night and T did great until 5:30am and by then I had already been up every hour for meds or feeds and was exhausted, so Ryan spent the early morning with him. Grandma Dee is here and has been taking care of him while I got a nap. T likes being wireless and has even taken a few trips to his room! He looks great and is happy and acts a lot older than when we took him in. I hope his heart will be good and his body will stay healthy until we have to have the Fontan when he is two or three.
Mason is happy to have his Mom and Brother home, but needs some adjusting to get back to his usual routine, some where along the line he thinks he can have melted noodles for breakfast (it must be a Arizona thing) and after he screamed for two hours I finally got him to have some buttered toast! Oh well, we will figure it out, one day at a time!


Ashley said...

Welcome Home Teagan!

I am so glad that you are all under one roof again. I'm sure it feels amazing, and if you need any help please let me know. Remember, I am a good button pusher and water filler. (And I can always learn a new skill!)

Love ya,


Aunt Kim said...

Safe at Home, Yeah! Sorry about the noodle thing. XOXO Aunt Kimmy P.S. I would have been there in a min. if I could have, sorry!

Mike and Rebecca said...

YES, Home Sweet Home! Nice!

Take Care,

Roll'in with the Rowley's said...

We are so glad he is finally home. We too are here if you need us. We will still keep you in our prayers. I can't (don't like to really) cook but I sure can order take out so pass my name along to who ever is in charge of your meals. We really want to help. If Mason gets cabin fever call us. We can come get him in a heartbeat!

We are so gald you are all under one roof again! :)
The Rowley's

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Welcome home guys. Glad T is doing so great. Hope it lasts longer this time.

Amber said...

Hi Brytten, I had a minute to write on the blog. I'll be back in Salt Lake tonight. If it's not very late I'll give you a call. I'm sorry I'm gone I didn't have any idea when Teagen would be getting out, so I decided to go help out the RC. You can give me a call anytime, and if I can't answer I will call you back as fast as I can. So glad Teagen is doing well:) and you're back home again! I'll talk to you very soon!

Lots of love and prayers coming your way!

Nanny Amber

Natalie Jensen said...

Yay! I am glad T is home. I was going to ask Ryan about him today, while he was here for our open house, but things got crazy. I am glad that he is home, even if it did take him a while to get there. Let us know if you need anything!

Chelsee said...

Stupendous! T we hope you continue to get stronger every day so we can go on our family get away!! Muah!

Meagan said...

I'm so glad you are home and everything is going well. If you need anything please let me know. If you ever need someone to watch Mason for you, let me know, I know my little boy would love to have him over to play sometime.

winnfam said...

We are so glad Teagan is home. You guys are amazing.

candice peterson said...

CONGRATS to all the news!! I had been gone for a couple days and hadn't checked in so as soon as I got home I knew there had to be an update and sure enough... I am so happy for all you guys. Sounds like adjusting back to the "norm" could take a bit but at least you are all at home now. Again congratulations and keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for going out with us last night it was a lot of fun! I am so happy that yall got to go home! I am so glad he's happy...Good luck! We miss yall

Tami Acord-Nelson said...

Hi Guys! SO happy that you are home and can heal with love instead of statistics! We would love to come visit and would love to talk! Please call us when you are ready! BBQ at our house! Anytime!
Much Love,
Tami and RYan and the boys

Michele said...

Congrats on being home! You'll have to let us all know how the G-tube works out for you!

summer said...

Yeah!!! So glad you are home. And hopefully home for a long while!!! Such great News.

Love, Summer, Mason's Mommy

Lindsay said...

I am so glad you guys are home now, I am sure you are ready for a change of scenery. Hopefully we can come out for a visit soon, and see that cute boy. I always thinking of you Brytt. Love you-Lins

Diane Feinauer said...

Hooray!! Teagan is home!! We are so happy for your family and we will continue to pray for a healthy strong little boy and an easy transition home!!

Heart hugs,
Diane Feinauer

RHMoffatClan said...

Hey Guys!
We are so glad to hear the great news! I want to help with whatever you need. Dinners or helping with Mason or whatever else. Max really misses his buddy Mason. It sounds like you have someone in charge of your can give them my name and number too. Anyways, Glad to hear the good news and we hope and pray that things will continue to be great news and he will get better every day.
Love you guys,
The Moffat's

Hollie said...

Now that you're home are you going to keep your blog updated??? Just kidding, I know that your hands are SO full. I really miss peaking in on you and Teagan every day....hope things are going well, and I really enjoyed seeing you on Saturday. Pop over to see Elaina when you're at PCMC for your check ups!

Nick, Sonja, Andrew, and Madelyn said...

Yeah for Teagan! It must feel good to not have to think about the Fontan surgery for a while now! Good luck with your new adventures! We're praying for you guys!

Mindi said...

Yeah Teagan!
We are so glad to hear you're home. Thank you for spreading your sunshine at PCMC. We will continue to pray for you and hope NOT to see you at the hospital again anytime soon.

Mindi and Baby McKay

Cody, Meg, and Madie said...

Yay, I am so happy for yall! You all are in our prayers.