Thursday, February 12, 2009

11 Months Old & Big Brother is 4!

(He looks kind of devilish, but he is far from it!)
Teagan is 11 months old now, almost 1 I can not believe it! Of course we celebrated, G-ma Dee brought over a balloon and some Valentines presents (can you believe our family didn't have the Incredible's movie?)! Teagan is doing well and staying pretty health... knock on wood! A stuffy nose here and there, that's all. Teagan is finally putting weight on his legs, it's a big step for him, but they really want him to crawl first. The problem is he hates his tummy time and has no arm strength. Eating is about the same, we could really use some help in this area, please pray T will take some food by mouth and that he can out grow the puking. I can't believe how much he is puking through his Nissen, it really stinks, we have this surgery to stop it and after only four months he has broke though it. At least his lung are strong enough not to aspirate. It is very frustrating and then I read Gracie's blog and I just had to count my blessings, T's little girlfriend needs a heart transplant, that is her best chance to survive. We are praying for her and her family. So over all T is big and growing and doing well! We have scheduled a sedated echo. on March 23 to see how things look on the inside.
We had a couple of visits with G.I., they went, if you know what I mean... no changes for the better even after changing a med or two. We do all of his feeds by gravity now, it's more natural, but harder for the person feeding him. Dr. Jackson did feel like it was time to change his g-tube button and wanted to help us,so we went back a week or so later with the button home health sent us, the actually change went well...aside from T screaming from his recent fear of doctors and their offices, even the paper on the exam table freaks him out now, anyway it was going fine until we went to put on the extension and realized IT WAS A DIFFERENT BUTTON! Luckily Dr. Jackson was able to locate the right one, but it was two feet long, not good for a baby who can't handle all that water in his stomach. So after two calls to home health, two deliveries from h.h., a very long day of meds and feeds we got it all straightened out!
The funnest thing this past month was Mason turning four! Don't worry he did plenty of celebrating, he started the month celebrating with all the other January Pettit birthdays at G-ma Stacey's, then the Friday before his b-day he spent the day with Pop and G-ma Dee going shopping, having lunch, and going to Hotel for Dogs. They had a great day! Then on the 24Th we had a really fun sledding party thanks to the Hardey's renting out their backyard. And despite the rain we had fun roasting mallows, making smores, sipping hot chocolate, and sledding! Thanks to everyone who bore the cold and came and a special thanks to my Mom who staid home with T. That night we took Mason to his favorite restaurant, you guessed it, Tepinaki(sp)! Mason is lucky enough to share his b-day with my cousin Coy, so Big G made a delicious dinner for the both of them and we played a fun game about the b-day boys. Then the actual day came, January 26Th, G-ma Dee brought Donalds (McDonald's), we had a few visitors, and I attempted to make a Ben 10 cake (don't ask), at least it tasted good! My cute neighbor made Mason the real Ben 10 shirt and he dressed like Ben 10 for the day, so after all that I felt like it qualified for a Ben 10 party, but as I was putting him to bed he said, "when am I going to have my real Ben 10 party?" My response was "I thought this was," and he said,"It's not a real Ben 10 party until we paint the house green!" "Mason we are not painting the house green, now go to bed." It's never enough with these kids:) Well, Happy CHD Awareness Week and Happy Valentines Day, we love you all! Stay happy, stay healthy,may God bless all these kids and their families!

(Mason turned four and forgot how to smile:)


Jodi Pettit said...

Thanks for the update. You are always in our thoughts & prayers and we love you. Winter should be over soon (I hope!) But if we can do anything to help in the mean time give us a call.

Pace and Liz said...

Happy belated Birthday Mason!! It sounds like everything is going good for you guys.
The Abbott's

The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

I think your house would look beautiful in a nice bright shade of green. Come on, what are you waiting for?

Hey Britt I had fun to night thanks for you time. I know it's precious so I feel lucky to have gotten some of it.

Matt said...

My boys are growing up so fast. I can't get over the pic of T in the basket what a big happy baby. Gosh B I don't see why you can't paint your house green for Mason.-Chelsee

(I'm too lazy to log out of Matt and into me)