Monday, September 28, 2009

Celebrating Daxton's 1 year since Heart Transplant

On September 10th we got to celebrate Paul receiving a new heart, after waiting for over a year. We also got to celebrate Daxton's one since getting his new heart! Cook's put on a really fun carnival to celebrate! It was so fun to get to see some of the people we spent last summer with inside PCMC, out of PCMC in such a fun SANITIZED environment! They had such yummy treats: cotton candy, snow cones, and fun things to do: balloon animals, and face painting! Daxton looks great, doesn't he:

Ryan & Ryan with the two HEART HERO'SThese are two of the ladies I spent last summer with
(a few were missing, but not forgotten, I think about you often)

Mason got his face painted...guess what it is? A green dragon, duh!

Thanks Cooks for including us in such a fun event!


Kyle and Alli said...

I love that you just posted about the joy of connections with other heart families! I literally just published a similar post on Grant's blog! You guys have been having a wonderful summer....truly a miracle considering all that you went through last summer. :)

Chelsee said...

Yeah for Dax one year!!!