Monday, September 28, 2009

Heart Camp

We went to the first IHH heat camp, we had a really good time. It was pretty wet and rainy, but we stuck it out and we're glad we did. We loved the outdoor movie, especially all the yummy treats! We spent the night in our tent, just the four of us, it was great! Mason and Ryan witnessed the one major accident at camp, a little boy feel off a swing and hit his head and there was quite a bit of blood to a 4 year old. He was fine and our wonderful camp doc took good care of him, but Mason was quite concerned, he asked us if he could pray for him in our family prayer, it was so sweet. I'm so thankful for his tender heart, being the big brother to a heart kid is a big job, the siblings are exposed to it all. On that note I was really grateful for the activities they had planed for all the kids! Mason had a blast and loved all the prizes! While Mason was off doing that Ryan, I and T got to hear about the future of the cath lab and other interesting heart stuff from Dr. Gray and two other research docs, it was all very interesting...I got a little teary eyed a few times. Over all I think it was a big success and something we all need to donate to so they can keep it going!
So I know you want to see all the cute pictures I took...well that's a long story, but the short version is, Ryan and I went on a little get-away for our 7th anniversary and my camera got stolen with the pictures from heart camp and some other irreplaceable occasions.:( So no pictures, I've learned my lesson though: download after every event!

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Chelsee said...

Brought a little tear to my eye to read what mason said. Bless him! Sorry about your camera I didn't know that happened.