Monday, September 28, 2009

A Dream Come True...

Last summer as we went through two surgeries and everything that came with it, Tami (Thather's mom) kept promising me, next summer we will be relaxing on the beach at Bear Lake with our little HEART HERO'S and the rest of our boys. I had a hard time believing her and knew she was just trying to make me feel better as we looked at my very sick baby. They will eat sand, she promised. Ya right, I thought to myself, Teagan doesn't even eat food!
Well sure enough Nelson's invited us to their family cabin at Bear Lake and we accepted. Over my Birthday weekend we joined Nelson's at Bear Lake. It was a dream come true, I never thought we could have so much fun! I had never been to Bear Lake and as I sat there catching some rays, I looked around and thought to myself, life doesn't get much better than this...sun, sand, water, family, close friends, it was wonderful! Teagan really started to eat while we were there also, watching Thatcher eat everything in sight was a real inspiration to him, I guess, because he wanted to try it all to! Tami would like to take credit for his eating, but I have been working with him for his whole life and it finally clicked, we'll let her think what she wants! ;)
Tami came to me at a very hard time in my life, as well as hers, our baby boys were undergoing open heart surgery at the exact same time, literally, we met in the waiting room because Bonnie was bringing us both reports from the OR. Tami was an answer to my Moms, as well as my prayers. We are best friends now, it is so nice to have someone who knows exactly how you feel without saying a word. Thanks so much Nelson's for making my Birthday the best one ever, love you guys!
Teagan loved the sand, he was full of it every night! And YES he ate it,
the proof was in the tube!
I debated on weather to post this pic or not,
but take it for what it is: a family pic at the beach!

EATING... watching Thatcher eat and trying to do it like him!

We always buy our boys the same clothes,
totally on's just one example!
The big brothers had a blast too...I hardly saw them,
they were always off on some adventure, Pirates or something!
Everyday Teagan would take his little snooze right on the sweet!

Can't wait to go back and make even more wonderful memories...hint,hint!:)


Chelsee said...

I will NEVER forget that moment in the waiting room. So happy you got to go to the beach. I think it is good that you posted that fam pic on the beach you're one hot family.

Four the Boys...Tami said...

We love you guys! Your'e right Brytt...I cried! And I only tease you about Thatcher teaching him to eat because I know you have worked so hard on it! Hee hee! I cant beleive you didnt post our Baywatch pictures...the world is missing out! I am so happy I was "nosy" at the hospital! Love you! Mmmmmmmwwaaaaaa!