Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teagan's & Mason's Professionl Picture Shoot

Back in July I had the boys pictures taken professional, by Katheryn Michaels Photography. It was one of the prizes Teagan won from the baby contest!She was really understanding of our circumstances and had sanitized the studio for us. She even remembered Teagan from the contest because of how he stood out! We got to add Mason because the first time we tried there was a power surge and she lost all of Teagan's first shoot, long story short she was really sorry and to make up for it said big brother could come and added a few more free pictures. She did an awesome job, I love them all!
This first one is exactly what a I was dreaming of
(sorry it's a picture of a picture because it is too big to scan)


The Scott & Christie Hardey Family said...

Adorable. Those pictures turned out fantastic.

Chelsee said...

Love them! You can send me some if you have any to give out.:)